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"Every patient teaches you something new and important."

Diana Mossop

Latest Interesting News

As part of researching and keeping the website up to date we like to try and source interesting news stories that we hope appeal to you and are helpful and informative.  Please note that the information is provided by third-parties and does not necessarily reflect our opinion or beliefs.

Time Warner C.E.O. Testifies That AT&T Merg…
Technology - New York Times (19 April 2018)

Jeffrey Bewkes, Time Warner’s chief executive, said on Wednesday in federal court that the company is an underdog against Amazon, …

Amazon Reboots the Studio Where ‘Citizen Ka…
Technology - New York Times (19 April 2018)

The tech giant has moved its entertainment division into Culver Studios, a 14-acre site where “Gone With the Wind” was also filmed…

Mental health patients want immediate diagn…
Health - BBC News (19 April 2018)

Research suggests patients would prefer to be told their diagnosis face-to-face.

Thalassaemia gene therapy trial shows 'enco…
Health - BBC News (19 April 2018)

The treatment meant some patients stopped needing blood transfusions altogether.

100 Women: 'Record number' of Nepalese wome…
Science - BBC News (18 April 2018)

A record number of Nepalese women are climbing Mount Everest this spring season, officials tell the BBC.

Planet-hunter launches from Florida
Science - BBC News (18 April 2018)

The US space agency's Tess satellite lifts off on a mission to find thousands of new worlds.

Last of the wild asses back from the brink
Science - BBC News (18 April 2018)

Wild equines are being reintroduced to the grasslands of Kazakhstan where they once roamed in large numbers.

Tech We’re Using: Following the Trail of On…
Technology - New York Times (18 April 2018)

Sapna Maheshwari, who covers advertising for The Times, discusses how she tracks the online ads that track us.

Married People Less Likely to Die From Mela…
Health - New York Times (18 April 2018)

People who were married were more likely than single people to have melanoma detected in the earlier, more treatable, stages.

Facebook’s Current Status With Advertisers?…
Technology - New York Times (18 April 2018)

Marketers have long had a symbiotic relationship with the social network. But user concerns about data has companies taking a hard…

Huawei and ZTE Hit Hard as U.S. Moves Again…
Technology - New York Times (18 April 2018)

The U.S. and China are threatening a global trade war as they look to protect their most advanced industries.

A 4-year-old had been growling at preschool…
MedWorm: Complementary Medicine (18 April 2018)

A Canadian naturopath claims that she treated a 4-year-old boy's behavioral problems with a controversial homeopathic remedy — thi…

Heatwaves 'cook' Great Barrier Reef corals
Science - BBC News (18 April 2018)

Recurring spells of ocean warming impact the diversity of coral reef communities.

Meteorite diamonds 'came from lost planet'
Science - BBC News (18 April 2018)

The space rock that exploded in 2008 seems to have come from the early Solar System.

Costa Coffee vows 'cup recycling revolution…
Science - BBC News (18 April 2018)

The UK's biggest coffee chain says it will recycle as many disposable cups as it sells by 2020.

U.S. Moves to Block Sales by Chinese Teleco…
Technology - New York Times (18 April 2018)

An F.C.C. vote targeting Huawei and ZTE intensified a high-stakes fight between the United States and China for domination of the …

Plankton named after Attenborough series
Science - BBC News (18 April 2018)

Scientists at University College London (UCL) bestowed the honour on Sir David Attenborough and the documentary team.

Scotland's highest paid doctors mainly men
Health - BBC News (18 April 2018)

BBC research finds just 15 out of 100 of the highest paid senior doctors in Scotland are women.

Costa Coffee vows to boost cup recycling
Science - BBC News (18 April 2018)

The UK's biggest coffee chain says it will recycle as many disposable cups as it sells by 2020.

Inside Cambridge Analytica’s Virtual Curren…
Technology - New York Times (17 April 2018)

The data firm was hoping to do its own so-called initial coin offering and quietly helped promote other companies in the unregulat…

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Client of Gabriella Divine. Irene Feb to July 2012 I am a Swedish woman, born 1956. I would like to share my story with you, a story about a healing journey inside out and outside in. Which too include Phytobiophysics formula…

Having suffered from skin problems all my life, and having a doctor in the family, I am well placed to comment on the short-comings of traditional medicine in treating conditions like mine. After years of dragging vainly betwee…