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"Flower and Tree formulas like Acupuncture without needles!"

Diana Mossop

The Heart Lock Theory

The Science of Psycho-Neuro-Endocrinology has now advanced to the stage where we are beginning to understand the mechanism of "Tissue Memory" and also how memories can trigger physiological responses. The heart is capable of storing memories of events, experiences or trauma whether they are of a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual nature.

The fact that the heart is most closely involved with the prime distributor of neurotransmitters the bloodstream throughout the body could be the main reason for its amazing ability to store this information.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, the heart stores the Spirit and a variety of symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and mental disturbances are treated by needling acupuncture points on the heart channel.


For each one of us to be in harmony with our soul, emotions, the environment and our relationships, we need to travel freely on our journey through life. Each stage of our journey creates different responsibilities and commitments. We relate to friends and loved ones in our lives in different ways at different times, hence a person will relate differently according to the relationship with the people in their environment. A healthy man will behave in a protective way towards his child but passionately towards his wife, lovingly towards his mother and respectfully towards his father. He will treat strangers differently from his close family. Furthermore, when a trauma affects a close family member, the pain will be far greater than if it were a stranger.

As the blood flows freely through our hearts and bodies so also should our relationships and emotions flow freely through our lives. The four chambers of the heart are physical structures of the human body and correspond to the four quarters of the body. Each chamber is separated by a valve that gives its name to the individual constitution. Constitution is dependent on inheritance, environment, evolution, occurrence, experience, accident and trauma. Negative experiences could be classified as keys which turn the lock of the heart which creates blockage and interferes with the free flow of energy.

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