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"My Mission is to bring affordable, ethical and effective healthcare, using the natural healing power of plants, to the children of the world, not just my children but all children, in my life time."

Diana Mossop

The Colours of Life

The Phytobiophysics formulas harness the vibrational power of plants, and work in conjunction with structural therapies and an understanding of nutrition. Plants all vibrate on different frequencies of colour and these colours can be related to different parts of the body.

Extensive research has been carried out by leading specialists into how colours and light can have an effect on the health and healing of the human body.

Here you will find details of the colours that we focus on.

The energy of colour Gold/ Golden Light is the highest vibration of spiritual energy. Tt is the energy of Inspiration and the acceptance of your mission and purpose in your life. In a way, being given 'the light' is an acceptance of being a chosen one. that you have been born for a reason. more
White light shone through the prism of raindrops produces a rainbow. White flowers vibrate on the complete colour spectrum. Five petalled white flowers act as Star Harmonisers as they relate to the five systems of the body and direct ones attention to specific circumstances. more
Ultra Violet is the highest vibration of sunlight but is not visible to the human eye, however deficiency of ultra violet light causes serious depression and panic attack. The closest visual energy of ultra Violet is pink. more
Violet is the energy of Fatherhood and is the colour of mid day sunlight, the colour of thought, intellect, problem solving and strategy. Violet is also the colour of Kings and signifies nobility and power. more
Indigo is the energy of cloud, shadow and night sky. It is also a combination of the two corresponding energies of refraction and reflection. Indigo is the vibration of the limbic nervous system, autonomic nervous system and the sensory organs, emotions and memory. more
The colour Blue is all around us, in the sky, the sea, water and lakes. The throat level vibrates on colour Blue energy. Communication is the key to sorting out relationship difficulties. Have faith and trust, understanding that we learn from painful experience. more
Green is the colour of the living, breathing planet as well as life and love. Green is the the energy of the heart and the lungs. Green is the colour of happiness. more
Yellow is the energy of the solar plexus. and the digestive system and is the colour of sunlight and happiness. more
Orange is the energy of fire and passion and is the energy of reproduction and sexual relationships. Orange is the energy of seeds and fertility as well as the energy of Hope. more
Red is a powerful energy in nature. Red Berries and fruits are full of vitamins.Red is the colour of Blood and earth elements. Red is regarded as a warning sign, more
Infra Red is beyond the visible colour spectrum, it is the energy of magnetism, earth minerals, rocks and molten lava. Infra red is a very physical energy and is the energy of Pain. more
Silver is the energy of Infinity. Silver is the Cosmos, the Stars, Moonlight. Infinity into the past, the ancestors, the silver thread of procreation, the babies of the future. Infinity of past, present and future. The depth of feeling. Faith. more


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