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"Viruses are emotional opportunists!"

Diana Mossop


These articles provide in-depth information into the research of plant-based medicines and the uses for Phytobiophysics Formulas as a natural remedy. I started studying plants for their health benefits more than 30 years ago so have developed a wealth of knowledge in this area that I am keen to share with you. We will constantly be adding to this resource as new studies are carried out and will also have articles from Practitioners and other leading authorities.

By Diana Mossop (30 November 2014)

What is so tragic is that Type 1 Diabetes in children is becoming much more common, it use…

Phytobiophysics research
By Diana Mossop (27 November 2014)

The negative effects of Hydrochloride drugs and Epidural Procedures

The Negative effects of Hydrochloride Drugs…
By Diana Mossop (20 July 2013)

Many of the listed side effects of Hydrochloride drugs are never discussed when administer…

By Diana Mossop (21 December 2012)

Thrush is a very common infection that is caused by yeast and fungus and is sometimes refe…

Animals and Phytobiophysics
By Diana Mossop (12 December 2012)

Animals: It is impossible to describe how important animals are in our lives.

Podo Rhacidian Therapy
By Diana Mossop (15 April 2012)

An Explanation of Podo Rhacidian Therapy By Professor Micheal Nightingale in 1992. Dean o…

The Journey
By Gabriella Divine (11 April 2012)

I was inspired to write this article during the night. in August 2010. The article is abou…

Diabetes Explained
By Diana Mossop (8 March 2012)

Beginners guide to Diabetes

The Therapeutic Journey
By Anadil Afiq (5 March 2012)

Helping children by tending to core issues, using psychotherapeutic tools and supporting m…

The Vibration of Correlative Essences
By Diana Mossop (5 March 2012)

Find out more about the correlation of micro elements with Flower Essences in this article…

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