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"The osteopathic paradigm is that , “Structure governs function”! However, I believe that emotions impact on function therefore they must also interfere with structure."

Anthony Mossop

The Physical Journey

The physical journey is the journey of now, today and is to do with daily routine. Getting up in the morning, how we slept the night before, whether we are happy or angry, whether someone has hurt us right this moment.  The physical journey is about the digestive system, assimilation and the utilisation of nutrients. The physical journey is about growth, breathing, the heart beat, digestion, elimination and living.

We travel on all the journeys at all times throughout our lives.  Every emotion and experience that we feel during our lives has a subtle yet profound reflexive action on the four valves of the heart. Relationships are of paramount importance in our lives, the way we relate to our loved ones is an exceedingly important aspect as to whether we are well.

One of the most profound understandings of the Mossop Philosophy is The Heart Lock Theory. The philosophy text book called The Nine Gates of Healing Through Love forms a fundamental basis of understanding of health through deep awareness of Faith and Belief and an understanding of the ‘The Family’ and the impact on our soul when the family unity breaks down.

Wherever there is a block in one of the chambers of the heart, there will be corresponding physical reflex blocks throughout the body.

The location of the block is decreed by the relationship of the social breakdown within the family unit. The depth of the block or the plane upon which it manifests is influenced by the degree of trauma.

  • Those of us who live in isolation from our loved ones frequently fall ill.
  • Those of us who are saddened and embittered by the circumstance of our lives frequently fall ill.
  • Those of us who get stopped and held back on our journey of life and are not able to overcome these circumstances frequently fall ill

It is not until we really start to understand these serious tragedies and traumas that occur in our lives and come to terms with them and are then able to forgive and forget and move on, that we recover from illnesses.

The Physical Correspondence of Negativity





Death /desertion/betrayal 

Structural degeneration


Sexual/verbal aggression

Structural chronicity



Functional degeneration


Bereavement/victimisation   Suppression

Functional chronicity

The Heart is the Fulcrum of the Body - All Energy Travels Through the Heart

For each one of us to be in harmony with our soul, emotions, the environment and our relationships, we need to travel freely on our journey through life. Each stage of our journey creates different responsibilities and commitments. We relate to friends and loved ones in our lives in different ways at different times, hence a person will relate differently according to the relationship with the people in their environment. A healthy man will behave in a protective way towards his child but passionately towards his wife, lovingly towards his mother and respectfully towards his father. He will treat strangers differently from his close family. Furthermore, when a trauma affects a close family member, the pain will be far greater than if it were a stranger.

As the blood flows freely through our hearts and bodies so also should our relationships and emotions flow freely through our lives. The four chambers of the heart are physical structures of the human body and correspond to the four quarters of the body. Each chamber is separated by a valve that gives its name to the individual constitution. Constitution is dependent on inheritance, environment, evolution, occurrence, experience, accident and trauma. Negative experiences could be classified as keys which turn the lock in the gateways, the valves of the heart.. When the gateways are locked we are trapped in the chamber and behave accordingly and fall ill accordingly.

The Four Basic Constitutions of Humanity are Named After the Heart Valves


  • Negativity manifests emotionally as aggression, domination and physical cruelty.

THE PULMONARY CONSTITUTION IS THE YOUTH (tall, youthful, vital, elegant and slender

  • Negativity manifests emotionally as loss of self worth, aloof, cold withdrawal and sarcasm

THE MITRAL CONSTITUTION IS THE MOTHER EARTH (warm, creative, loving and bountiful)

  • Negativity manifests emotionally as destructive, oppressive, smothering and nagging.

THE AORTIC CONSTITUTION IS THE BABY (perfect, rounded, the creation of life and love)

  • Negativity manifests emotionally as victimisation, greed,  bereavement, grief, and theft.

The Emotional Journey The Five Senses

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