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"A certificate of qualification is simply a stepping stone to further knowledge."

Diana Mossop

The Five Senses

The five senses, touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell connect each one of us to life. Through the senses, we experience emotions that have a profound effect on our souls and manifest as subtle changes in the function of the body. Since function governs structure, changes in mood and emotion will also have an effect on the physical structure of the body. The more profound the emotion, the deeper the change in function and structure. Hence, emotions may be positive and create harmony and healing or negative and create disharmony [disease] and destruction.

Trauma and Tragedy Create Wounds that Leave Scars on the Soul

These scars leave their mark, which appear as craters.  The degree of trauma will determine the depth of the crater and the level of disharmony.  Negative emotions create visible physical distortion that manifests as signs in the face and eyes. The twelve pairs of cranial nerves control facial expressions. The cranial nerves are the guardians of the organs of the five senses. Since we experience emotions through the senses, these changes in emotion reflect as facial expressions, wrinkles and distortion. Emotions affect the nervous system and trauma reflects as lesion marks in the iris. Iridology is the analytical science of interpretation of these visible lesions. Iridology shows that every experience creates a visible lesion in the iris that may be interpreted as a physical disorder. It is possible to relate these subtle changes as imbalances that occur in the function of the heart and have a distinct effect on the valves of the heart. The four chambers of the heart relate to the four quarters of the body.  So.. as we are wounded by negative emotions during our journey through life, so, also, is the Lotus of the inner heart wounded.

The heart is the fulcrum of the energy flow through the body. Every experience, every emotion and all of life's daily expectations and occurrences have a subtle yet profound effect on the heart-beat and the flow of blood through the heart.

The four chambers of the heart relate to the four quarters of the body and the four magnetic poles of the earth. The four valves of the heart are the gateways through the chambers. The function of the valves is impaired by negative emotions, which leads to creating patterns of disease and tendencies to inherent disorders. A childhood wound may damage on a spiritual level. This manifests as a deep lesion that has a long-term disturbing effect on a specific valve of the heart and therefore all the corresponding organs. Positive emotions create healing on all levels of our journey and as we travel through life we have a choice to recover from tragedy through love and understanding or we may take the negative attitude to further trauma and disease. The journey to recovery is an individual journey and yet there is a pattern to life on all levels of consciousness.

The Physical Journey Light

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