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"Laughter and fun is the best medicine."

Diana Mossop

Phytobiophysics® - The Inspiration Behind the Formulas

Every living cell vibrates on a specific frequency of light. According to the eminent scientist called Professor Albert Popp, living cells vibrate on frequencies of light and have the capacity to admit and transmit light faster than a billionth of a second. Unhealthy cells lose this capability and admit light but can no longer transmit light which creates an aberration in their energy stasis.

By harnessing the light energy of plants and flowers, 
[PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® [Flower Formulas 1-20]

and harnessing the extraordinarily powerful energy of ancient trees
[Phytobiophysics ® Superfit Formulas 1-10]

The beautiful, safe, gentle and cherishing  PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® range of Food Supplement formulas have been prepared for mankind.