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"Flower and Tree formulas like Acupuncture without needles!"

Diana Mossop


The Bio- Photon energy from plants is harnessed as a resonating memory in water, and used to stabilise the many disturbances of modern society. We live in very troubled times. We are surrounded by pollution on every level, physical, emotional and spiritual. Pollution creates disharmony and disharmony is disease. For every imbalance there is on the planet, there is a plant that holds a key to restoring harmony. Since plants have the ability to adapt to the disturbances in the environment very quickly, it should be no surprise that they have the capacity to stabilise these disturbances and hold the key to creating healing for every disease condition which exists.

Every plant on the planet creates energy on a specific frequency and this energy is matched exactly to stabilise and harmonise all the disturbances that create disease in mankind and on the planet. The energies of the plants is harnessed and used as essences. These essences are referred to as Energy Harmonisers.

Energy Harmonisers are used to analyse as well as to treat. The Mossop Philosophy is an exact science since the colour frequency of the plant is assessed and matched to the colour frequency of the cell. There are further dimensions to the Energy Harmonisers since every plant has its own unique pattern or signature, which is referred to as the life-force. Species of plants have a collective soul that has a unique pattern and vibration. This unique vibration is matched to the blueprint of the cell to be treated. The level of energy required to balance each specie of cell is measured in *Antonites [a]. The number of Antonites [a] required to restore balance is measured on an infinitely accurate level. The life-force depends on the level of health and number of Antonites present in the cell. Research has shown that a healthy cell should contain trillions of Antonites.

Every substance within the universe has an energy that is infinite. All matter is made up of neutrons and protons that vibrate on a frequency.  The infinite energy of universal matter stretches in both directions, outwards towards space as well as internally. If one regards the cell as a cosmos, a universe regarded as an orderly harmonious whole, the infinity of life within the cell contains billions of microscopic organisms which as yet are not measurable or fully understood, any more than the cosmos of outer space is.

If the universe is referred to as the macrocosm and one planet a microcosm, equally a cell referred to as the macrocosm contains organisms that one would refer to as microcosms. When studying a cell through a microscope billions of tiny organisms are visible. However, as yet there is no instrument capable of measuring the life force of these microscopic organisms, Antonites, other than by Vibrational measurement.

The concept of infinity stretching in both directions must be understood in order to appreciate the principle of Energy Harmonising. The energy vibration of each formula is measured in Antonites. The health of the organism depends on the health of the Antonites present.  Pollution, toxicity and disease has reached such a level of cellular destruction, the Antonite level has dropped so drastically in all living organisms that the immune system of the entire planet is under threat.

Energy is generally regarded as being more powerful from larger sources but it is important to understand the power of energy as one looks into the universal matter as well as out towards space.  This principle must be understood when utilising the power of Energising. The body consists of billions of cells, each specie of cell vibrates on a different frequency as it has a different role in the life-force.  However each cell in the body is a hologram of the whole. There are laws that govern the function of the body as there are laws that govern the energy frequencies by which we live. When these laws are broken disease occurs. Splitting the atom creates atomic energy, likewise the force of Energy Harmonisers is increased by a process referred to as Energising.  This process increases the level of Antonites to create a specific force and power. Universal Harmonisers are created on a very high level. In this way Energy Harmonisers have the capacity not just to treat the individual at deep levels but also disturbances of the universe.

The life-force is not just sustained but also re-created by a complex process of the transmission of messages. Creation of life occurs as a result of the division of cells. This process is controlled by the Pineal.  However each specie of cell has a different function and vibrates on a different frequency. The fish that swim in the sea are part of the cosmos of the sea. It is the same with the cells in the body. There are laws that govern the cosmos of the human body. There are laws that govern the planet.

Break the Laws and Illness Will Inevitably Follow.

Scientific Definition of a cell: The Smallest structural unit of an organism that is capable of independent functioning, consisting of one or more nuclei, cytoplasm, various organelles, and inanimate matter, all surrounded by a semi-permeable plasma membrane.

*Definition of an Antonite [a]:  An Antonite is a microscopic living organism within a cell. The smallest measurable structural unit of an organism within a cell that is capable of independent functioning.

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