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"My Mission is to bring affordable, ethical and effective healthcare, using the natural healing power of plants, to the children of the world, not just my children but all children, in my life time."

Diana Mossop

Flower Formula 8 - Rosemary

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Created: 12/03/2012 16:45:44

Flower Formula 8 - Rosemary has the essence of 4 different flowers Rosemary, Sage Dead Nettle and Strawberry Flower. Indigo flowers promote a feeling of joy and pleasure. Depression is caused by sedation of the autonomic nervous system which is often associated with metal toxicity and chemicals which sedate the nervous system. When these harmful toxins are eliminated the autonomic system will function in harmony and depression will lift. FF8 rosemary can aid the assimilation of Vit a/d and amino acids l-tryptophan and l-histidine. FF8 rosemary can aid the digestion of essential fatty acids such as oil of evening primrose and fish oils.