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"Live Blood Analysis conclusively demonstrates immediate physiological responses to vibrational medicine."

Anthony Mossop

Flower Formula 20 - Anemone

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Created: 12/03/2012 16:45:44

Flower Formula 20 - Red Anemone is a natural remedy that vibrates on a colour frequency of 770nm which is infra-red to the eye. This plant remedy contains the essences of 5 different flowers: Anemone, Great Willow, Herbwood Woundwort, Comfrey and Figwort. The Red Anemone formula can aid the assimilation of Vitamin B3 nicotinic acid, all minerals and amino acids: l-leucine, l- lysine, l-arginine and l-serine. Flower Formula 20 can be an effective treatment for tetanus. This damages the jawbone and back teeth of the left jaw. Tetanus also damages the wisdom teeth and can stop them from coming through.