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"Good health is your most precious asset."

Diana Mossop

Jenny Frost

Published: 15/03/2012 14:46:31
Source: Sunday Mirror


It first took hold when she was 11 — and despite desperately trying every remedy she could. Jenny, now 39, feared her anguish would never end. As a bride-to-be, she dreaded walking down the aisle with her face a mass of unsightly blotches. But today, she won't have to. For the first time in her adult life, Jenny s face is spot-free.

And she owes it all to...flowers.

Jenny turned to flower therapist Diana Mossop for help after hearing about her through a friend.

Former Army captain Diana, who has treated super-model Jodie Kidd has trained as an acupuncturist, herbalist and nutritionist. She has also been perfecting the development of dower remedies for 20 years.

Jenny was doubtful at first She says: "I did a biology degree and I used to work in a London hospital as a clinical chemistry technician, so 1 was very sceptical, but as I had nothing to lose. I thought I might as well give it a go."

At the consultation with Diana. Jenny was asked to select a flower formula from a selection of 20 phials used to help diagnosis

Diana believes that the flower colour you pick signposts where your problems are." explains Jenny.

"When I picked a colour Diana immediately pinpointed that there was a problem with my teeth

"She told me to have two fillings replaced, as reaction to the mercury in them had given rise to a chronic low-grade bacterial infection which had caused my acne.

"1 also had to take five flower formula pills a day which included daisy nicotiana and iris to help my body's natural healing power."

Within two months Jenny's skin had cleared.

Now it shows just the faintest marks of acne scarring ...and her complexion is warm and unblemished. Jenny, who will marry finance Tony, 42 later this year, says: "After all these years I am now able to look in the mirror and see my face - not just my spots.

"It's like a miracle. Now I can really look forward to my wedding.

"I have no idea how the treatment works. But frankly, I don't care, as long as my skin stays clear."

Acne is the scourge of teenage lives, affecting up to 90 per cent of adolescents.

Most grow out of it – but it lingers on to at least to the age of 40 in one per cent of men and five per cent of women.

One in nine adults consult a doctor about it every year.

Millions more people suffer alone, using over-the-counter remedies that nationally cost nearly £40million a year.

Jenny who became engaged last August before she started the flower treatment, says: "Luckily, my acne hasn't had a bearing on our relationship, although it spoilt some when I was younger.

"It cast a constant cloud of depression over my life. I was very shy, self-conscious and embarrassed.

"There were times I could hardly bear to touch my face because it was so painful"

And other people's reactions to her have hurt too. One incident in particular haunts her.

After being a teenage bridesmaid at a friend's marriage she found her face wasn't shown on the wedding video.

"Those sort of things hurt me deeply" she says, "But I got used to dealing with them.

Hair today, Spot tomorrow

ACNE is caused when glands in the skin become over-active and produce too much oil.

The greasy build-up blocks the hair follicles and a spot starts to form. Bacteria multiplies in the blockage and when the body tries to destroy it with white blood cells, they cause puss to form.

Some parts of the skin – like the face, neck and back – have many glands, other parts far fewer.


"I realised that unless I wanted to spend my life sitting in a corner with a paper bag on my head, I would simply have to get on with it and face the world." Over the years Jenny tried every cure in the book, as well as some that weren't.

"I have moved around the country quite a bit with my job." says Jenny, who comes from Wolverhampton but is currently a project manager for a bank in Jersey. "And everywhere I've been I've gone to my new GP in the hope he might have a new treatment."

Some doctors assured her problem was hormonal and that she'd simply grow out of it. Some suggested diet was the problem and said she should avoid chocolate and fatty foods. Others thought it might be an allergy.

"I've bought every over-the-counter spot cure. Every pad, lotion, face-wash and tonics well as spending a fortune on expensive hypo-allergenic cosmetics." says Jenny. "You name it, I've got it at the back of a cupboard. And I never ate chocolate –just in case."

Just a few years ago a GP told Jenny she probably had a form of athlete's foot that had somehow transferred to her face.

She say: "I scrubbed myself scrupulously with an anti-fungal cream for month, but it made no difference.

"I used to wonder 'Why me?' It was like a punishment, I always wondered what I'd done to deserve it. But now I feel so happy."

A spokeswoman for the Acne Support Group (0181 561 6868) said: "There is no magic pill to cure acne. But we accept that some people do find help in complementary medicines.

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