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Get Back to Nature with a Blast of Flower Power

Published: 14/03/2012 12:16:31
Source: Irish Independent


By Niamh Hooper

Flowers have always had the power to transform my mood. But if this week's therapy is to be believed, they are responsible for doing a lot more than that.

International model Jodie Kidd apparently credits Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas with taking her from being a teenager on the verge of a nervous breakdown to being the strong, smiley person she is now.

A complementary health treatment based on 30 years of research, Phytobiophysics is said to capture the vibrational energy of flowers and plants and uses them to bring the body's electrical system back into balance by releasing blocks and restoring harmony and health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Phytobiophysics practitioner Julie Woods, who is based in Dublin's Fairview, explains the principle: "The flower formulas work on an energetic level. The cells of the body's various organs and structure resonate at specific frequencies and the flower formulas -- consisting of a symphony of flower essences from all over the world -- have been blended to match these frequencies.

"When introduced into the body, they are assimilated into the circulatory system and stimulate an electrical rebalance of the energetic system."

That's all very well, but how do you know where the imbalances are occurring, if at all?

On meeting Julie, she explains how it works. After conducting a detailed medical history, she hooks me up to a Voll galvanometer, which she describes as "creating an electrical circuit".

It sounds as odd as it feels. Touching one remedy at a time, I have one foot on a metal plate while the other rests on her knee and, with the equivalent of a blunt pencil connected to the machine, she presses an acupuncture point on my big toe.

The galvanometer picks up the flow of electricity in your meridian (energy pathway) and identifies any imbalances.

I have no doubt this is a stretch for the imagination for many, but it seems to have a validity to it. Certainly in my case, throughout the hour of testing, my body told her things I hadn't got around to. It is true -- the body never lies.

"A lot of people come to me after they've tried everything else. From my experience, it works with everything from ear infections, asthma, muscular pain, insomnia, infertility to loss of direction in life, but where I see it work most magically is with chronic illness.

"Take emphysema. While it is not going to restore the damage to the lungs, it does facilitate fuller breathing and improve the quality of life."

The most fascinating part of the session was the Heart Lock and "tissue memory" concept, as identified in the science of psychoneuroendocrinology.

"The heart is capable of storing memories of events, experiences or traumas. "Every experience and every emotion, has a subtle yet profound effect on the heart," says Julie.

Verdict: I was sceptical about how effective one drop and three little pillules coated with the vibrations of flowers daily could be at removing blocks. But over the past month my digestion improved significantly and I felt gently supported as I began to let things go -- among them the grief over the death of a best friend 20 years ago.

An initial 90-minute session with Julie Woods costs €70. Formulas cost from €14-€29. To make an appointment call 086 380 5656

Phytobiophysics: How does it work?

The Facts

Phytobiophysics is a system of vibrational medicine using the energy of flowers and plants. It works with the frequencies of the cells of our bodies, bacteria, viruses and the corresponding wavelengths of colour.

The flowers used are often rare and come from the likes of Tibet. What makes the 20 Flower Formulas different is the use of the "living" vibration of plants captured as a memory in water and amplified. These vibrations coat sucrose pillules which are simply dissolved on the tongue.

It is claimed that they remove energy blocks, enable the body to assimilate vital nutrients, thus aiding healing and rectifying physical imbalances created by stress, environmental disturbances and pollution, and stabilising emotions.

They are natural and safe for babies, children, the elderly and even for pets.

The Evidence

Although no clinical trials have yet taken place, case studies are being carried out.

According to anecdotal evidence, Phytobiophysics is effective in treating fatigue, neuralgia, hormone imbalances, skin and respiratory problems, stress and grief.

It is also said to be successful in treating viruses.

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