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"Despite the modern approach to health, every symptom has a cause and it is the cause that needs treating not the symptom."

Diana Mossop

Flower Power

Published: 14/03/2012 08:47:28
Source: Healthy Lifestyle

Flowers are not only good for the soul - bringing beauty and colour into our life and uplifting the spirit, but they also have the capacity to heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level Complementary therapist Diana Mossop has made a lifelong study of the powers of plant essences and. after over 20 years of research has produced a unique range of flower formulas called Phytobiophysics

The philosophy of Phytobiophysics combines the ancient power of plants with a scientific approach to the traumas of modern living - so-called energy medicine. This is based on the idea that every cell in our body vibrates at a specific frequency that can be matched to a colour or sound. When we are unhappy we suffer from tension and anxiety Energy which normally freely flows becomes blocked, and it is these energy blocks which manifest themselves as physical symptoms and leave us feeling ill.

The Phytobiophysic flower formulas uses plant energy to restore the body to the correct equilibrium by re-balancing the energy level where a block had previously occurred. I don't cure people, says Diana, 54, who has established the Institute of Phytobiophysics in Jersey where she lives to continue her research. She is also creating a comprehensive training programme for practitioners. I simply help the human body to help itself, she explains.

I started out working with traditional one-essence flower remedies but I quickly found that there was not enough strength in them so I decided dial I would make my own. I soon realised that I needed to combine several flower essences to help combat some ailments so I simply combined my essences to make new formulas, which have produced spectacular results. Now I have people who collect and record flowers for me in places all over the world - in Spain, Nepal, Brunei and the Far East.'

The Colour Code

To help you identify where you have an energy blockage and to select a formula, Diana links formulas with colours. Each of the 20 Complete Harmony flower formulas equates to the colours of the rainbow. 'During the course of my research I soon found that an extraordinary pattern was emerging between the colours of the flowers and their actions on specific parts of the body,’ she explains. 'Violet colours worked on the head, for example, and red flowers worked on the colon. The green colour of chlorophyll aids oxygenation. The heart and lungs are the organs of oxygenation and the emotion of the heart is love. If there has been a trauma associated with love, green is the colour needed in the body and Flower Formula 11, hawthorn is recommended.’

Diana’s flower formulas can be used to treat a whole range of disorders from arthritis to infertility, eczema or eating disorders. At a consultation, Diana identifies appropriate flower remedies by asking the patient to hold on to a galvanometer and creates a circuit with a probe placed on different acupuncture points in the hand or foot. If a reading is abnormal, the correct flower remedy placed in the circuit will balance it. Often a patient may find that they are drawn to the colour of the formula needed.

But you don't have to consult with a practitioner. For a self-analysis, all you have to do is identify the area of discomfort in your body and look at the Phytobiophysics chart to see which formula is appropriate. Or you can choose your favourite colour and, according to Diana, you usually find that you are naturally drawn to the colour, and therefore the flower formula, that it appropriate for you.

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