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"Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas stabilise emotions and create harmony. They encourage the body’s own innate ability to heal on a very profound level."

Diana Mossop

Blossom Anew ... With the Power of Plant Energy

Published: 14/03/2012 08:08:04
Source: B&S Therapy

The power of flowers to calm and heal has been known since ancient times. Recently, however, complementary practitioner Professor Dame Diana Mossop has taken the science of plant energy - or Phytobiophysics - into new realms and, after 20 years of research, has developed it into a modern-day therapy.

Brought up in the African bush, Diana saw how the local people used plants to heal themselves. She trained in nutrition and acupuncture and practised in the Far East, but it wasn't until her son nearly died after having a cocktail of immunisations that she dedicated herself to developing Phytobiophysics.

She was fascinated by the Malaysian people's use of flowers in healing and set about combining flower essences. Her formulas work on the premise that the body is an energy system and that every cell within it resonates on its own frequency, which remains constant provided the cell is healthy. Every colour also vibrates on its own frequency and every species of plant or flower has its own individual colour and resonance. Diana has developed her flower formulas by matching healthy cells to the resonance of specific flowers.

The idea is that, given the appropriate formula, a person's cellular system will be instantly regulated. Diana describes it as acting like a tuning fork in correcting the resonance of a system that is not functioning correctly.

Working on different levels

The 20 flower formulas, each of which represents a colour of the spectrum, work on both a physical and emotional level, targeting the areas of the body where the problems occur. For instance, blue relates to the throat and neck, green to the chest and yellow to the abdominal area. The formulas not only relate to the body part, but also the emotions associated with it. The heart, for example, is the emotional centre concerned with loving.

'In order for the body to heal on a deep level it is necessary to understand that disease is caused by pain, hurt and sadness,' says Diana. 'If the underlying cause is overlooked, it becomes more difficult to help people overcome health problems. Flower formulas work on a deep emotional level, helping to stabilise emotions and also support the body.'

As with many alternative remedies, you may experience a strong reaction when you start taking flower formulas. For example, when the Bluebell formula is taken for throat problems, flu-like symptoms may appear briefly. These then disappear, taking the throat affliction with them.

'Suppressed emotions may also start to surface,' says Diana, 'and pent-up anger or grief can come out. This is because the formulas are working on emotional, spiritual and physical levels.'

The flower formulas act in five ways

  • to heal emotional shock and trauma
  • to eliminate toxins
  • to help the body absorb nutrients
  • to free up energy blocks which occur in the meridians - the lines of energy that, according to traditional Chinese medicine, run through the body
  • to trigger the body to heal deeply

Choosing the right flower

Some people may have enough knowledge about their symptoms to choose their own flower formulas, but there are over 4,000 Phytobiophysics Practitioners worldwide, most of whom offer several therapies.

Different therapists use their own means of selecting formulas for people. Diana uses electro-acupoint testing, which works on the basis that there is a normal energy reading for a healthy body - just as there is a normal temperature.

'Electricity travels through our body through circuitry - as in the meridian system,' says Diana. 'When blocks occur in the energy flowing through our organs and systems, we become unwell.'

Small probes, rather like acupuncture needles but without the sharp ends, are applied to the acupressure points around the body. Connected up to a galvanometer (a machine that reads minute electrical currents), the probes take a reading of each acupressure point to show where the energy is weak. Flower formulas can then be prescribed.

The formulas are made by combining flower and plant essences. The flowers are left in water and exposed to sunlight and moonlight. The water then carries the imprint of their energetic pattern or vibration and becomes the essence, which is used to coat tiny sucrose pills.

What they're good for

The formulas can help a range of health problems including eczema, IBS, cystitis, allergies, menstrual and menopause problems, migraine and constipation. People with cancer have been helped, as have autistic children, and people suffering from stress, bereavement or depression.

Although they're given one name - such as White Rose - each formula has several plants or flowers in it. White Rose - also known as Recovery - combines marvel-of-Peru, crinum lily and thornapple and is excellent for anyone suffering from sadness.

Daffodil is for the skin and the small intestine, and is particularly helpful to people who are allergic to gluten or who have eczema; arum lily is for couples having problems with fertility.

The whole flower formula range is designed to enable the body to get the goodness out of food because, nowadays, few of us have digestive systems that absorb all the nutrients efficiently. For that reason, the formulas work particularly well when combined with nutritional therapy

Sometimes people become so used to their health problems that they come to think of them as normal. Charles McCarron, who's in his forties, was always clearing his throat which drove his wife Lynn mad. Ever since he was about 12 he'd had a bronchial condition. There was always catarrh in my throat and when I lay down at night it became worse and I'd start coughing.' he says. I was given a combination of four flower formulas by therapist Jane Bailey and almost immediately my throat got better.’

'When Charles started to take the flower formulas,' says Lynn, he not only stopped coughing, but also became much more active and enthusiastic about things he'd never wanted to do before. And the big bonus is that he's stopped snoring!'

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