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Diana Mossop

Zest Looks at Phytobiophysics

Published: 14/03/2012 06:23:15
Source: Zest - The Health and Beauty Magazine

What is it?

A healing therapy based on the use of flower power to treat physical aches and pains and rebalance the emotions. The essence of Phytobiophysics is to encourage the body to heal itself.' says Diana Mossop, creator of the Jersey-based firm Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas. She has spent 20 years researching the properties and healing potential of plants from places as diverse as the Himalayas and the Andes. 'My Formulas can help release energy blocks caused by spiritual and emotional disharmony.' she says. 'And then you can go on to redress any physical imbalances that may have occurred as a consequence of the emotional trauma.'

What   happens at a session?

First, Mossop identifies the area of your body where the energy is blocked. She does this by discussing your symptoms, then using a 'galvanometer’, a small device that measures the electrical resistance of the acupuncture points in your hand. An abnormal reading suggests blocked energy.

The theory of Phytobiophysics is that, just as every plant has its own medicinal properties, so, too, it has its own specific healing energy or vibration Mossop has created 20 colour-coded Flower Formulas, made from different flower combinations, each of which delivers a different amount of plant energy to the body.

She helps you to choose the correct Formula for you by creating an energy circuit between the two of you: she stands with one arm held at right angles to her body: you stand facing her, one hand on your blocked area, the other hand pushing down on her outstretched arm. Any difficulties doing this only underline how badly the area is blocked. This process is then repeated but, this time, you hold Flower Formulas and the one to which you feel least resistance is the one you should take.

If you don't want a full session, you can choose your own remedy from a colour chart by deciding which colour you are most drawn to and taking the corresponding Formula. The remedies come in dispensers of 150 tiny white tablets, to be taken three times a day before meals.

What's it good for

As wed as helping to combat emotional anxieties, Phytobiophysics is said to be effective at treating colds, jet lag and stress. Apparently, model Jodie Kidd was once prescribed camellia for overwork. Mossop claims many of her pills can also be used as an antidote to different kinds of toxins and poisons, from nicotine to petrol fumes. And, she says, Phytobiophysics can even help you heal a broken heart!

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