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"Natural medicine is really all about common sense."

Diana Mossop

Healing Via Plant Energy, Vibration

Published: 10/03/2012 15:53:28
Source: Metro


by Choong Kwee Kim

With a finger touching an acupuncture point of a volunteer. Prof Diana Mossop used her other hand to gently push down the volunteer's horizontally raised arm to test muscle resistance.

Wherever there was weakness r deficiency corresponding to e acupuncture point, the arm's resistance failed.

After selecting one or a combination of flower and plant essences stored in little vials which the volunteer was asked to hold, Prof Mossop repeated the simple test which showed an immediate return muscle strength if the formula matched.

Prof Mossop's formulas developed from 30 years of research on Phytobiophysics worked on the principle of vibrational healing where plant and flower energy was "captured" and used to harmonise all levels of consciousness including the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.

"The formula works instantly like switching on the light or electricity to enable the body to do its own recovery and cellular renewal," she said at a seminar on Phytobiophysics

A New Approach To Healthcare System at Universiti Sains Malaysia's Advanced Medical and Dental Institute in Penang recently.

The founder of the Phytobiophysics philosophy said that plant energy and vibration could be used to support life, health and bring about healing at all levels.

"When we are under duress, our body suffers from a deficiency which can be a deficiency of life's energy such as love and family," she said, adding people were more vulnerable to diseases when they were unhappy.

She said among the oldest medicine was energy medicine such as acupuncture practiced in the East while the Indians' understanding of the chakra system related to specific centre points of energy in the human body to specific treatment.

Based on this old knowledge on energy healing, she said her plant formula was like little "energy pills" to help harmonise the energy imbalance in the body that could cause elemental or emotional deficiency and illnesses.

She said light energy was made of frequency which the brain, through the eyes and pineal glands, took in as light to understand and relate it to colour.

When there was deficiency of certain light and the body's cells were not vibrating according to the correct frequency of light, she said the corresponding area of the body would break down.

"Capturing" the light vibrations of plants into a pill form involved an interesting phenomenon of energy transfer by putting the plant into and out under the sunlight.

She explained that the molecules of the water would take on an electrical charge of the plant based on the plant's colour such as a violet flower would transfer a vibration frequency of 423 nanometre.

A test with the corresponding acupuncture points of the body was done to check whether the right vibration had been transferred, she said adding biophoton resonating equipment was also used to ensure the consistency of the tincture.

Sugar placebo pills were then coated with the tincture, each made of thousands of plants and flowers carefully selected for the right vibration.

Prof Mossop, who is also Dean of the Institute of Phytobiophysics and visiting professor of the Open International University, both in England, said there were about 4,000 specialists worldwide, working on Phytobiophysics healing.

In April, she would be returning to Malaysia, where she had previously visited to collect flower samples such as the orchid to start a post graduate training course on Phytobiophysics.

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