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Diana Mossop

Protect Yourself With Flowers

Published: 10/03/2012 15:38:43
Source: The Express


By Eva Gizowska

Going for a walk or to the gym may be a healthy way of fighting stress. But what if you simply haven’t got the energy or the inclination? This is where Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas can be useful.

The claims for these formulas is that they not only help combat stress hut can also be used as antidotes to environmental pollutants. "It's becoming increasingly obvious that the hostile environment of modern society is causing a multitude of different types of allergy symptoms", says Diana Mossop founder of Phytobiophysics.

The philosophy behind Phytobiophysics is based on 20 year of research into the healing potential of plants from as far afield as the Himalayas.

The flower formulas (tiny while tablets) made up from these plants supposedly work on electrical vibrations which have the ability to release energy blocks in the human body. "This enables a person to eliminate the toxins which are causing the symptoms," says Mossop.

There are 20 formulas, seven of which are geared towards men's problems, Flower Formula 1 (FF1), made up from the lotus (lower, is known as the "vitality" formula and is useful if you feel low in energy. This broad-spectrum formula boosts the immune system and also oilers ion against office bugs.

I you have a sore throat or are preparing for a presentation or speech then FF9,' which is blue bell, should clear your throat.

If you do much driving, or work in a polluted city, you'll benefit from taking FF3 camellia. This formula is also useful if you have a tendency to get short-tempered and irritable. For insomnia or just anxiety, FF4 thistle will help to calm you down.

If you want to quit smoking, FF10 nicotiana (made from the tobacco plant) can help reduce cravings. An excellent formula to keep to hand is FF12, Detox, made from dandelions.

This is perfect for when you've been too self-indulgent - either after a heavy meal or if y o have a hangover. Kundalini, FF20, helps to counteract the effects of magnetic stress from computers and electronic equipment.

Finally, there's one formula that will undoubtedly appeal to a lot of men FF17, Fertil, made from the arum lily, promise to boost virility.

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