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"Bacteria do not cause disease they are merely the agent of disease. It is lowered immunity that allows bacteria to proliferate."

Anthony Mossop

The Jodie Kidd Story

Published: 20/10/2011 03:03:31

The world famous model Jodie Kidd was heading for a nervous breakdown until she discovered PHYTOBIOPHYSICS®. "My behaviour just couldn't go on and I clearly had something wrong with me. I was always down, I had very little energy, I was constantly getting colds and infections and I was generally bad tempered and miserable." Although she went on working, she regularly had panic attacks before seeing Diana Mossop.

Jodie was open minded and had already tried a range of complementary therapists in an effort to climb out of the dark hole she was in. "They all worked for a little while but after two weeks or so I was back to the same as before. Then I found out about Diana Mossop from a friend and thank God I did," she says. "Before my visit, Diana arranged for a sample of my hair to be sent over to Jersey for analysis. "When I met her she very quickly told me that many of my problems were due to me having the glandular fever virus. This was something my mother had brought up with doctors but they had told us it wasn't what I was suffering from and refused to do blood tests. The first thing I did after seeing Diana was to get a blood test and I did have the virus." Diana counselled Jodie and recommended a comprehensive nutritional programme. For emotional and spiritual support Diana gave her the Flower Formulas. "The effects of the formulas started to be noticeable after about two weeks. Most of all, I started being less anxious.

"I've never been anorexic I've certainly never been a drug addict. I found being away from my home, my family, my animals and the sea hard enough then I took up modelling but this whole media slur just brought me down until I didn't really know how to pick myself up. I used to suffer terrible anxiety fits, especially about never knowing where I would be going on a job the next week." After she started taking the formulas, Jodie began to feel more relaxed about her hectic life style. "I became more secure and less bothered about what other people thought about me. For the first time I actually began to enjoy my own company and when you've been petrified for so long about being alone, I can't tell you what a relief and a comfort that was. After a few weeks, I felt like I had woken up from a long sleep. I was totally revitalised and I started to change my diet to complement the effect." Looking at Jodie, it is hard to believe that until recently, this chilled out twenty year old was, by her own admission heading for a nervous breakdown. "I was digging myself into a very deep hole which was spiritual as well as physical", she says. Jodie had become skeletally thin and some journalists chose to label her anorexic and speculated about heroin addiction. "I had just got really down about the whole thing."

Then she straightened up, pushing her shoulders back towering gloriously over the rest of us. "And this is how I am now - Sunny and smiley - so I can stand up straight and proud!" She roars with laughter her smile stretching from ear to ear.   (Extracts from article in the Express April 28th 1999)

Diana Mossop recalls looking with pride at the glowing girl before her now. "My world was such a weird one", explained Jodie. "With so many different energies, and I tried everything to keep me more earthed and to make me calmer and more relaxed, but Diana's formulas are the only thing that has worked. It has given me such a sense of wellbeing. I feel so much stronger.  (Daily Mail Weekend January 23rd 1999)

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