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"Laughter and fun is the best medicine."

Diana Mossop

Atisthooooo Remedies

Published: 09/03/2012 10:02:37
Source: Jersey Evening Post - Living Health

AS Islanders continue to cough and sneeze and curse their aching joints, the flu bug/virus/upper respiratory tract infection, call it what you will, shows little sign of disappearing just yet, Jersey's long-established complementary health practitioner, Diana Mossop, has a number of suggestions for combatting the virus.

HOT SEA WATER: It's all around our coast and is said to be the cleanest in Britain, so try gargling with hot sea water, Sniff sea water into the nostrils to clear the sinuses.

ONIONS: a traditional remedy, onions are particularly good at clearing the sinuses. Shallots are particularly recommended. Simply slice the shallot and sniff the juice. While it inevitably makes the eyes water, Diana says, it does work.

GARLIC: contains selenium and germanium, both minerals which are excellent for boosting the immune system.

THE BATH: Diana suggests turning the luxury of a bath into a treatment.

Put a hot water bottle into /our bed or turn on the electric blanket. Run a hot lath in a warm bathroom.

Add two tablespoons of sea salt, rock salt or Sel de Mer (not table salt) to the water. Add four drops of essential oils — chose any two from Eucalyptus, Black Pepper, Lavender, Peppermint and Camphor - after the bath has been run, swish gently to mix. Warm a large bath towel on a heated rail or in the airing cupboard while you run the bath, light a scented candle, dim the lights and prepare to relax for as long as you wish, but don't get cold.

CHEST RUB: Use any of the oils mentioned above, three drops in total, blended with half an egg cup full of olive oil. This blend is safe for everyone, including babies and the elderly. NEVER apply neat essential oils to the skin. Olbas oil is also useful, and it is already blended. Threw drops of essential oil on a tissue placed under the pillow can help to clear a blocked nose when you go to bed.

HERBS: Try Echinacea or Cat's Claw, Both are natural antibiotics which can help boost the immune system. Pau D'arco (Lapacho) and Guarana are good alternatives to coffee and help boost flagging energy.

VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS: the best source is fresh fruit and vegetables. A daily intake supplies the body with sufficient vitamins to boost the immune system.

Vitamin C: best sources are fresh fruit and fruit juices', cranberry juice; vegetables; red peppers; tomatoes. Cranberry juice is also good for cystitis: it is not advisable to take vitamin C tablets if you suffer from this condition, as the tablets can affect the kidneys. Never take vitamin C supplements at night. Vitamin A and Vitamin D: the best source is cod liver oil. Vitamin E: the best sources are egg yolk, sesame seeds and green olive oil.

DRINK plenty of water, it clears the system and helps reduce mucus. Cut out coffee, it negates the action of vitamins necessary to boost the immune system.

HOT TODDIES are an effective and soothing remedy, especially if you have a sore throat. Recipe: Put 2 pints water, a slick of cinnamon, 20 cloves and a teaspoon of allspice in a pan. Bring to the bod and simmer for 30 minutes. Keep the liquid and heat it up to add to red wine. Add honey to soothe the throat. One of the best known — and probably best-loved— remedies for flu and a sore throat is whisky with hot water, lemon juice and honey.

DIANA'S final suggestion to banish the flu blues is her own brand of flower formulas. These include Rosemary Flower formula and Pink Camellia formula, both of which are vibrational essences. The former helps to banish the winter blues, while the latter vibrates on Ultra Violet, and has the same effect as sunlight. She also says that wearing brightly coloured clothes can induce a positive effect, while the best remedy of all is free, and fun - wrap up warmly and go for a short, brisk walk.

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