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"A certificate of qualification is simply a stepping stone to further knowledge."

Diana Mossop

What Type of Flower am I?

Published: 09/03/2012 09:58:20
Source: The Sunday Times - Style Magazine


If I were a flower, apparently I would be a lupin. I am quite pleased: about this because it is one plant that has, despite my worst efforts at a cottage garden, managed to thrive in my border. So, if nothing else, it (and I) must be pretty hardy.

I was told my flower type by the flower therapist Diana Mossop, who has made a lifelong study of the powers of plant essences, and produced a range of flower formulas that are being launched in the IIK this month.

Mossop was born in the then Nyasaland in 1947 and spent her early years in the African bush. Once the youngest captain in the British Army, illness led her back to her family roots in Jersey where she started working as a beauty therapist; An affinity for working with flower essences prompted die development of her own range, together with a new treatment philosophy. She then established the Institute of Phytobiophysics in Jersey, to train other practitioners in the use of plant energy to restore harmony and well being.

Mossop is not allowed by law to make any medical claims for her products, but a top London nutrition consultant told me she rates them highly. When, for example, she has given the Red Chrysanthemum formula (FF19) to people suffering from constipation, they practically run to the lavatory.

According to Mossop, her flower pills work on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Orchid (FF7), for instance, is said to work on the ears and promote fulfillment: Thistle (FF4) works on the head, encouraging sleep and tranquility. Mossop has tapped into what many arc calling the medicine of the future — energy medicine. It. is based on the idea that we each vibrate at a specific frequency that can be matched to a colour or sound. Both are now used in healing.

With flower formulas, your vibration is matched to that of a plant. The theory is that disease, and stress can cause energy blocks that distort the frequency at which we should vibrate in optimum health. Mossop argues this is the level at which her formulas work. Only a practitioner can tell you what type of flower you are, but formulas are colour-coded according to the vibration of a plant, so if you choose your favourite colour you will be instinctively picking the right formula for you, which makes it easy to treat yourself.

Flower Formulas are only available by mail order Complete Harmony (all 20 formulations) costs £97(inc p&p); combination packs of three formulas cost £21 (inc p&p).

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