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"Laughter and fun is the best medicine."

Diana Mossop

Do Flower Formulas Really Work?

Published: 09/03/2012 09:56:07
Source: The Sunday Times - Style Magazine

Never let it be said that I do not push back the boundaries of complementary health to bring to the public stage health care matters of the utmost importance.

Today, for instance, I offer you the resuIts of my relentless research for the top 10 stocking fillers for those who want to pamper mind and body throughout the festive season.

You can keep your gnarled old walnuts, satsumas and chocolates. What I'd like to find at the bottom of my stocking this Christmas would be any OIK (or more) of the following products. To help Santa out, I've included UK mail-order stockist details.

Top of my must-have list is the Angel Rejuvenation Facial Mist and Aura Cleanser (£10.50), which I stumbled across in Farmacia. A combination of festive frankincense, lavender and geranium in a base of healing water, it is completely uplifting. Spray it on your pillow for a good night's sleep, or mist your face as a quick refresher. To order, call 0171 -831 0830.

For a more manly gift, Farmacia also stocks the Dr Hauschka Complete Holistic Body Care Kit (£10), containing rose body oil, which comes in a macho metal tin.

Talking of rose, anything from the gorgeously old-fashioned Persian Rose range, but especially the delicious handcream (£8 for 15ml), would win me over forever. Call 01785-840217 for details.

For anyone worried that the temptation to imbibe their way through the entire proceedings may prove too much, the herbal tonic Kudzu has long been associated with reducing alcohol cravings. FSC sells a 30ml tincture (£6.25) to spike your mineral water with. For stockists, call 0181-477 5358.

If the festivities are wearing you out, E-mergen-C-Get Up & Go sachets (£7.99 for 18, from Revital) should give you a quick boost. And if it's lurve you're looking for. Tonight's the Night (£5.99 for 20ml, also Revital: 0800-252875) is a mood-enhancing blend of revitalising essential oils you can bathe in or bum.

A clever idea from Crabtree & Evelyn are Aromatherapy Ceramic Light Bulb Rings (£6.50), with essential oils such as tangerine, to give the whole room a festive fragrance. Their protein-rich Goatmilk moisturising cream for men with sensitive skins is another good find. It costs £6.50 for a 100ml tube. Call 01235-862244 for mail order.

Finally — goodness knows how they work, but I can promise you they do — buy Diana Mossop's Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas. For men, she suggests the enhancement pack of FF4 (thistle) for tranquility, FF12 (dandelion) to help metabolise Christmas lunch and FF19 (red chrysanthemum) to flush out toxins. For women, FF14 (daffodil), FF1 (lotus) and FF5 (nightshade, a powerful antioxidant) will work wonders for the skin. A pack of three formulas costs £22.50, plus p&p.

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