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"Structural problems usually come about, not as a result of mere physical trauma but as a consequence of the underlying weaknesses caused by toxicity or negative emotions."

Anthony Mossop

Save Your Skin

Published: 09/03/2012 09:53:06
Source: Bradford Telegraph & Argus


EVERYONE has heard the advice that beautiful skin is the product of a sensible beauty routine, healthy eating and exercise.

But does anyone pay attention? There must be a way of getting that peachy-smooth complexion without having to be a fitness and diet freak who goes to bed at 9.30pm every night, never touches alcohol and who eats their five portions of vegetables and fruit a day.

The latest cure-all is the enormous number of pills and potions on the market which claim to improve skin.

But do they work? Nutritionist Dr Jane Wilde says there is nothing wrong with taking supplements to boost your skin.

"It is essential to have a balance in the diet and ensure you have enough Omega-3 and Omega-6 - they are the essential fatty acids, fish oils and linolenic acids. Zinc and magnesium are also important.

"Most vitamins, minerals and trace elements can be obtained as food but because we don't eat as well as we should, people are bereft of the essentials and they turn to supplements,

"If you have a good, healthy diet, you shouldn't need too many supplements. Short courses of antioxidants and minerals are good but don't take them ad infinitum,"


THE Maximum Skincare Formula from Countrylife is meant to recharge your skin and keep it looking moist and young.

One of its 14 ingredients is grape seed extract, which the French are very keen on at the moment.

Other ingredients include Royal Jelly, vitamin E and B3, zinc, Pycongenol (an antioxidant from pine bark) and Squaline (a rare Oil derived from shark skin and livers). The formula costs £16.95 for 60 capsules. Call 01816141411 for stockists.

HEARD of Phytobiophysics? Popularly known as flower pills, the remedies designed by therapist Diana Mossop are claimed to restore the body to harmony and provide an antidote the toxins and poisons of modern society.

Supermodel Jodie Kidd apparently swears by them. Dandelion can be used to detox and is particularly useful for skin care.

Call 01777 706155 for more details.

THERE are no miracle cures for perfect skin but health experts at The Health Shop, an online service, recommend selenium, sulphur compounds, vitamin C and zinc supplements for healthy skin.

You can buy multi-vitamins for £6.15 for 60 tablets, 30 tablets of zinc for £4.41 and a sulphur compound from them for £4.14.

DRY skin can be particularly aided with vitamins E, A and C.

One tip for dry skin is to pierce Vitamin A, C and E capsules, mix the oils and rub on an affected part of the skin.

FOR specific products to target the skin try out One a Day Clear Skin Formula by Cantassium, which costs £3.63 for 30 capsules.

Shen Min for Women looks after skin, nails and hair and costs £27.55 for 90 tablets. Ephytem, which is a blend of herbs, costs £9.19.

Healthlife is also a dedicated skincare beauty system which costs £8.27 for 30 capsules.

You can contact The Health Shop on www.thehealthshop.co.uk or call 0181 874 8897 for information and orders.

ONE unusual ingredient to try is Flaxseed - or rather Northern Edge Organic Milled Flaxseed.

It is packed with the fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 which help boost the immune system, improve all-round health and even claim to combat depression. But flaxseed is also said to promote healthy skin.

A month's supply costs £9.99. Call 0181 636 9980 for details or contact www.freeshop.co.uk/neil

BOOTS has its own range of skin nutrition supplements. Try Skin Nourish and Skin Defence.

The combination of vitamins and minerals in Skin Nourish are designed to keep your skin healthy: the fatty acids present are starflower oil, fish oil and avocado oil, which can ensure the skin is supple and strong. Ginkgo Biloba helps improve circulation while a combination of natural antioxidants help protect the skin from cell damage.

Skin Defence contains natural antioxidants to help the skin combat pollution, air conditioning, cigarette smoke and sunlight.

A 28 capsule pack of both capsules costs £10.

BOOTS also provides more conventional methods of skin care. Its Natural Vitamin E supplement is very good for healthy skin and costs £8 for 100 capsules.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant and is important in the body to maintain healthy blood vessels and fight against the effect of free radicals.

TRY evening primrose oil capsules, which cost £8 for 80. The magic ingredient is Gamma-I Linolenic Acid (GLA). Women suffering from PMS swear by them.

ROYAL Jelly has been taken for years by people who look on it as a supplement to help cope with busy lives.

It is made by worker bees in the hive and is claimed to be nature's richest health food. It contains wheatgerm oil and a rich, natural source of vitamin E - perfect for maintaining a healthy skin.

Buy it from Boots for £11.40 for 30 capsules or from health food shops.

GOEFORM Skincare uses ingredients obtained from fresh seaweed and medicinal plants.

Containing burdock, zinc, vitamin B6, laminaria and peach flavouring, this skincare formula is designed to regulate sebum secretion and increase production of collagen. The burdock provides an antiseptic property.

It costs £15.99 a pack and can be bought in health stores and pharmacies. Call 0181 569 8174 for more details.

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