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"Health is not a commodity that can be bought, sold or traded. It is your own responsibility!"

Anthony Mossop

The Healing Power of Flower

Published: 08/03/2012 10:03:31
Source: Here's Health Magazine

Flowers bring colour and beauty into our lives: a posy or a bouquet can uplift a dull room, celebrate the joy of a birth or marriage and console the bereaved. Increasingly, however, there is a discovery being made that, as well as being beautiful, flowers have an immense capacity to heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

One of the most recent methods of harnessing this capacity, phytobiophysics, has been developed by Diana Mossop, a qualified complementary therapist. The philosophy of phytobiophysics flower formulas comes from years of research, and combines the ancient power of plants with a scientific approach to the traumas of modem living. On a daily basis we are exposed to pollution, additives, radiation and medication, which Diana believes can lead to ill health. She feels that the key to treating health problems lies in correcting imbalances on a conscious level.

Phytobiophysics consists of 20 formulas which have specific frequencies. When combined they produce a particular resonance, and offer a safe and effective treatment. To help you identify where you may have an energy blockage and to select a formula. Dina links formulas with colours.

The green colour of chlorophyll, for instance, aids oxygenation. The heart and lungs are the organs of oxygenation – and the emotion of the heart is love. If there has been a trauma associated with love, green is needed in the body and Flower formula 11, Hawthorne, should be chosen.

‘When we are hurt on an emotional level,’ explains Diana, ‘this manifests itself as a functional disorder. When we are damaged spiritually, our bodies may fall ill. Physical scars are often caused by spiritual trauma – and until the cause is dealt with the effect.

Diana has set up the institute of phytobiophysics in Jersey, to continue her research, and also create a comprehensive training programme for practitioners. The Institute has been medical doctor who first observed the connection between stress and trauma and the potential recovery of his patients when he was treating casualties of World War I. While practising homoeopathy in the 1920s he became increasingly aware of the emotional and mental problems of his patients, and eventually devoted himself entirely to the study of plants and herbs. As a result of his  recognition of the life force and heating qualities of these plants Bach developed his 38 (now famous) flower remedies.
In using the word "soul' to describe the connection between the physical and the mental, Bach ran the risk of being ridiculed. In fact, he was way ahead of his time. In recent years, with the advent of the study of psychoneuroimmunology, even the most conventional of medical doctors are beginning to acknowledge this vital link. Bach remedies, like all flower remedies, aim to bring mind and spirit back into balance, allowing the body to heal itself.

There are many different ranges of flower remedies available, another widely used being the Australian Bushflower Essences. Naturopath Ian White comes from a long line of herbalists and learned from an early age the potency of Australian plants. He has used and refined the techniques used by Australian Aboriginals for thousands of years to tap into the strength and vitality of flowering plants from his native Australia. These essence work to harmonise negative feelings and belief patterns which may be held in the subconscious mind.

But choosing the correct remedy - or range - can seem taunting. Advice from the International Flower Essence repertoire is to assimilate information on several types of flower remedy and then select the file one which appeals. You may find that you are drawn to a particular description, in which case that range will probably work for you. Each range has a detailed description of symptoms attached to each remedy, so that you can choose the appropriate one. Guidance can be  obtained from a qualified practitioner.

Future Flower

Flower essences work on the subtle energy of the body. And a well-picked essence can immediately improve your emotional state of mind, says Don Dennis of the International Rower Essence Repertoire. They can be used for crisis situations, such as shock, and also for long-standing issues such as suppressed anger, and they can help you to clarify your life's purpose. Some essences are so powerful they can ease physical symptoms, such as pain.
Some hospitals in Australia are currently using flower essence pain creams which has enabled them to decrease the amount of morphine used by as much as 90 per cent.

It is possible to combine the formulas if you have more than one set of symptoms - a headache and an upset stomach, for instance.

Phytobiophysics provides clients with a colour coded chart which makes it easy for you to choose your own remedy for your particular ailment. To see if your diagnosis is correct and then to check your choice of flower formula, Diana Mossop recommends a simple home kinesiology test.

Stand opposite a partner or a friend, keeping your feet together with one arm held at right angles to the body. Ask another person to place one hand on the area of your body you think is causing the problem. Now ask them to push down on your arm with their other hand while you resist. If your arm cannot resist the pressure and is pushed down, you were right - that area of your body is weak and low in energy. Now hold the chosen formula in your free hand and repeat the test. If it is the correct one, your arm will be stronger and be able to resist the pressure.

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