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"The best investment that you can ever make is in your health!"

Diana Mossop

Skincare the Natural Way Can be a Bitter Pill to Swallow

Published: 08/03/2012 09:44:54
Source: Daily Post (Liverpool)


EVERYONE knows that beautiful skin is the product of a sensible beauty routine, healthy eating and exercise. Does anyone pay attention though? Much more palatable is the short cut to a peachy-smooth complexion promised by the pills and potions on the market which claim to improve skin.

But do they work? Nutritionist Dr Jane Wilde says there is nothing wrong with taking supplements to boost your skin.

"It is essential to have a balance in the diet and ensure you have enough Omega-3 and Omega-6 - they are the essential fatly acids, fish oils and linolenic acids. Zinc and magnesium are also important.

"Most vitamins, minerals and trace elements can be obtained as food but because we don't eat as well as we should, people are bereft of the essentials arid they turn to supplements. Short courses of antioxidants and minerals are good but don't take them ad infinitum."

PROMISES, PROMISES ... the potions:

  • The Maximum Skincare Formula from Country life is meant to recharge your skin and keep it looking moist and young. One of its 14 ingredients is grape seed extract. The formula costs £16.95 for 60 capsules. Call 0181 614 1411 for stockists.
  • Heard of Phytobiophysics? Popularly known as flower pills, the remedies designed by therapist Diana Mossop are claimed to restore the body to harmony and provide an antidote to the toxins and poisons of modern society. Supermodel Jodie Kidd apparently swears by them. Dandelion can be used to detox and is particularly useful for skin care. Call 01777 706155 for more details.
  • Dry skin can-be particularly aided with vitamins E, A and C. One tip for dry skin is to pierce Vitamin A, C and E capsules, mix the oils and rub on an affected part of the skin.
  • Boots has its own range of skin nutrition supplements. Try Skin Nourish and Skin Defence.
  • Royal Jelly has been taken for years by people who look on it as a supplement to help cope with busy lives. It contains wheatgerm oil and a rich, natural source of vitamin E - perfect for maintaining a healthy skin. Buy it from Boots for £11.40 for 30 capsules or from health food shops.  Goeform Skincare uses ingredients obtained from fresh seaweed and medicinal plants. Containing burdock, zinc, vitamin B6, latninaria and peach flavouring, this skincare formula is designed to regulate sebum secretion. It costs £15.99 a pack and can be bought in health stores and pharmacies. Call 0181 569 8174 for more details.

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