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Anthony Mossop

The Journey by Gabriella Divine

Published 11/04/2012 05:28:54

This article was inspired by the teachings of Diana Mossop The Heart Lock Theory

The very most exciting, dangerous and profound journey we take in our lives is when we are born.

Not just for us but for everyone.

But where does it start?

Our journey begins in or from a deep space within the universe.  A place called LOVE

As two people come together the energy of love is created between them, a passion that at times is so overwhelming it is uncomprehendable.

When such deep love is felt within a union of two souls meeting in sexual interaction, the sperm and the ovum meet, unite together and a tiny cell is formed.

As that cell grows it becomes baby, a child that will be born and grow into an infant, toddler, teenager, adult, old age. Then it will die, and so the process goes on; this is called Life.

But from that cell, a child is born- the process takes but 9mths.

Did you know that there are 9 planets in the solar system?

9 is also divisible by 3

 The triangle,             The Trinity

Father-Son-Holy ghost         (Blessing we give ourselves)

3 wise men

3 wise monkeys

See no- hear no – speak no evil

Father- Mother- Child.

The Tri pod the first stable number. The foot.

It is very important to understand that when or as a child is born great care should be taken whether it is born through the birthing canal or operation.

This child is coming from a very safe and comfortable environment within the mother’s womb where it has been watched over and nurtured for 9 whole months.

Being Born is the final hurdle, I say this because from the very point of conception that tiny little cell is growing into a child and has feelings and memory. 

From the 1st month through to the 5th month of gestation everything that happens in the outside world, no matter what the mother/father are experiencing the child will absorb into the unconscious aspect of its being.

At the 5th month of gestation the child starts to get ready to think about the outside world and the final leg of its journey in the womb, all that happens now is absorbed into the conscious aspect of the child’s being.

When the child is actually born it is very important to understand the cutting of the cord is not just a chop.

This beautiful little being has now left its mother’s womb, its space of safety to come into a cold clinical environment to possibly be smacked to make it cry, a chop with the surgical scissors with possibly no thought on how this will affect the mother and child, if not at that time but later on in life.

If time and much care and consideration is taken, talking to the child and the mother, being in ‘Safe space’, being open to what is going on; on  a spiritual level - much can be achieved and accomplished in time for both mother and child.

If on the other hand no real thought or care is taken, much damage can be done that may take a life time to heal.

When the cord is cut between mother and child it is a great separation. A Physical separation but also a spiritual separation.

The child is now in the physical world with all thought of his or her ‘life before’ gone.

This is now the ‘new life’ with new and wonderful experiences as well as challenges and tests along the way.

I believe that we as ‘Spiritual Beings’ in a physical body chose our life long before we become a cell in our mother’s womb.

We chose the parents we wish to have for whatever reason, we chose our friends, and where we shall live & work.

All that happens in our life is our choice but it can also be changed if we so wish.


The word Spirit comes from the word Spiritus  a  Greek term  which means BREATH

So to be ‘spiritual’ means that we need to align with the breath to access the inner wisdom that we all hold.

Our Spiritual journey is our entire life and our most profound of all journeys; it is one of learning about various things, relationships, inheritance, future, genetic coding, our past, our child’s inheritance from us.

With our spiritual journey comes a lot of responsibility, A sense of knowing, intuition, trust, faith  and innocence, we connect with our inner wisdom.

Our physical journey is about growth, the here and now aspect, live for today understanding that we need to have good relationships for our own well being, a journey of assimilation to understand that we need to breath, that in the breath we can let go, we can eliminate all we no longer need within the body, by breathing out we don’t hold on. 

Our emotions are created through Love, but also through pain and suffering, if we hold on to the breath we hold on to our emotions, by not letting them go through the breath we create illness within the body. 

Our emotions relate to our senses, what we would like or not like to do, we can actually create dysfunctional disorder in the body by the pain and hurt that we suffer, that we allow to ourselves and from others.

Our intellectual journey actually starts from the date of our birth.

So you see every aspect is connected not one is separate from the other.

This journey shows how we are treated, well or badly.

If we are treated well we grow up to be respectful, if we are treated badly we grow up to become victims through betrayal & trauma, the intellectual journey is connected to the oxygen within our bodies which we need to help us to breath.

Each aspect is interrelated throughout our lives and has a direct affect within the heart.

Every emotion, feeling, pain, sadness  and form of trauma, or love is reflected within one or all of the chambers of  the heart.

If we have a block within the heart we will find it to have a knock on effect throughout the body at the same corresponding point.

Each stage of our journey through life requires commitment. ie to our families, children, jobs , religion, home etc.

We need to be happy and harmonious to be in tune with ‘Our Souls’ to really enjoy the life we have chosen to be able to relate to our family & friends to enjoy our job of work, to be happy no matter what, to accept the unacceptable.

We need to be like the stream that flows to the river going along freely taking each hurdle as it comes, facing the challenges, passing the tests doing all with ease.

Easier said than done I hear you say, and yes you are right but at least you could try.

Blood flows through our bodies; we need it to keep us alive, the heart is the pumping station for that blood it flows in and out of our hearts just as people & situations flow in and out of our lives.

Passengers get on a train or a bus & get off again, some go the whole journey with you, some wait ahead, some stay behind and catch up later, some may never see you again, this is life and the relationships that we have.

Depending on how we react with various relationships will depend on how we are affected & how it or they have an effect on the heart.

Our heart has 4 chambers which relate to the 4 aspects of our Being: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical.

Each chamber is separated by a valve, when a valve is blocked or locked it is just like locking a door or turning off the tap permanently.

What happens is we then become trapped in that aspect and can then fall ill in accordance to that upset or trauma.

The blocks or locks that we create come about by social breakdown depending on the degree of trauma, this will depend on the depth of the block and where it will or has manifested in the body.

1…Structural degeneration can come about by .. death/betrayal/desertion/shock

      All created by spiritual trauma.

2…Structural Chronicity can come about from sexual/verbal abuse /aggression/rejection or neglect

      All created by mental trauma

3…Functional degeneration caused by grief/heartache/sadness& heartbreak

      All through emotional traumas.

4…Functional Degeneration caused by bereavement/victimization/suppression of feelings

     All create on physical level.


All things that happen to us on a physical level have already been going on in the Spiritual, mental & emotional levels. It doesn’t matter that it was 10, 20,30 years or even at birth or even in the womb, it is only when it comes to the physical & we have a pain that we suddenly feel we need help as it appears to have come out of the blue.

Trauma and tragedy do leave their mark whether small or large these scars are left on the Soul, depending on the size of the trauma or tragedy will depend on the scar, sometimes they can be so very deep there is no getting out of them.

Our emotions show on our faces, seen in the eyes, the down turned unsmiling mouth, or lines on the face.

Our emotions come through our 5 senses, they affect our nervous system all these can be or are related to the function of the heart.

As the negativity we create around us can destroy and ruin us, so too can the lotus in the inner world of the heart bring us peace and renewal.

Positive emotions create healing enabling us to recover from any illness we so choose or from any tragedy. 

Our Journey is our choice; it is individual and one that only we know about at a very deep and profound level of our ‘Being’.

It is up to us to go there to see seek within to find and embrace what we have and what we are here for to release and let go of what it is we no longer need.                                                                                                                                                                     

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