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Diana Mossop

The Vibration of Correlative Essences by Diana Mossop

Published 05/03/2012 06:37:19

minerals Charles Beijns was one of the first Scientists to investigate the vibrational properties of micro elements and he created his range of vibrational essences of Micro Elements.

In the words of Maya Kraus

"The principle was to 'fix' minute quantities (and the unique frequency) of individual minerals in a pure water-based solution. This is then taken orally in drop form (typically ten drops daily) and is designed to deliver the 'message' or frequency of the mineral or combination of minerals, rather than to deliver any significant quantities. In this respect, the doses used can be near-homeopathic (in the same way that tissue salts are not strictly homeopathic, but work along the same principles).

When the body's mineral balance or ability to absorb necessary minerals appears to have been compromised (typically through the impact of illness, lifestyle or environmental hazards, such as microwaves or electro-magnetic fields), MET can be used to help trigger cellular function and the absorption of the minute quantity of trace elements needed. The human body requires only small amounts of trace elements to function properly, and the full range of these minerals amounts to only 0.02 per cent of the body[1] so that triggering the cell's 'memory' and delivering the correct mineral 'frequency' can be more effective in helping absorption, in Professor Beijns' view, than our modern mega-dosing culture."

Working with these remarkable Micro element essences 30 years ago, formed the invaluable basis of cross research, correlating and matching the vibration of different flower essences and their colour frequencies with the vibration of the micro elements, for which I will always be eternally grateful.

Using the Vol EAV testing I was able to clearly define the vibrational relationship between the flower essence and the Micro element. This cross research also enabled me to understand more fully how an elemental deficiency led to specific emotional response.

Since the cells of the human body are made up of the elements of the periodic chart, research into the function of the individual micro elements is invaluable. Understanding that each element vibrates on a specific frequency of colour also enables us to see clearly how different emotional trauma will impact on neurotransmission through the lack of stability of the correlative micro elements.

Further advise to the patient to eat foods which were a good source of the missing mineral nutrient is essential.



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