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"Despite the modern approach to health, every symptom has a cause and it is the cause that needs treating not the symptom."

Diana Mossop

The Therapeutic Journey by Anadil Afiq

Published 05/03/2012 03:11:08

Tending to Core Issues

The philosophy works on the basis that our experiences are stored in our memories and that those memories are stored in our bodies. Just as we can recall old memories which bring back joys and pains, so too can our body's memories be triggered which bring recurring symptoms. Our brain records every trauma and makes no distinction between a physical, emotional or psychological trauma. After 30 years of research into our body's cells, bacteria and their corresponding wavelength of colour, Professor Mossop produced an additional seven plant formulas, each reaching a more comprehensive array of needs. These special formulas resonate with the frequency of a healthy cell, thus instantly regulating the imbalances. These special formulas are taken orally by placing drops on the tongue for a length of time determined for each child.

Psychotherapeutic Tools

With the use of psychotherapeutic tools such as "free association" pictures based on Rorschach ink blot theories, therapeutic art, therapeutic writing, therapeutic play story telling, we are able to gain a better insight into the child's emotional state to further tend to their core issues and work towards breaking any negative patterns which may exist. Some of these methods are often the only way for some children, especially the very young, to non-verbally express to us what they are feeling.

The methods we use provide children with a safe, confidential and caring environment to play with as few "limits" as possible, but with as many as necessary for the child to remain emotionally and physically safe while they "tell their story" through creative expression. These methods allow the child to safely stay one step away from their traumas while accessing, expressing and addressing their traumas.

Supporting methods

Various techniques are used to support the child through their journey. These will vary depending on the sensitivities and requirements of each child, of each centre and even of each country. They may include aromatherapy, massage, affirmations (I am wonderful!), reiki, yoga, colour therapy and also playing simply for fun and laughter!

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