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"The osteopathic paradigm is that , “Structure governs function”! However, I believe that emotions impact on function therefore they must also interfere with structure."

Anthony Mossop

Tropical Travel by Diana Mossop

Published 22/01/2012 16:45:50

Traveling to the tropics can be an amazing and enriching experience and exploring wonderful places can be so thrilling, but tropical illnesses can be very serious indeed. So it is very important that a wonderful life enriching holiday does not have the negative effect of making you ill. For this reason, having lived in the tropics for many years, I have carefully researched flower essences that have a supportive effect for when you travel to the tropics.

Phytobiophysics Tropical Formulas are vibrational and are made from the essence of plants. They work by stabilising meridians and are most effective as a safe first line of defence. They are not intended to treat or cure medical conditions and whenever necessary it is advised that you seek professional medical advice.

Tropical Harmony has been designed with the traveller in mind, It is small and easy pack to take with you, it is safe to pass through airport x-ray machinery and it contains no banned, dangerous or chemical substances. It is a question of personal choice and responsibility whether to have travel vaccines, but a growing number of people decide to look after themselves in another way. This kit has been designed for both those who decide not to have vaccines and also those who do but wish to harmonize possible side effects. Remember that immunity has more to do with happiness, hygiene and nutrition; think twice about going somewhere potentially dangerous if you have recently been unwell or if your immune system has recently been under duress. Find out what the most likely diseases are, where you are going, and take the Phytobiophysics Tropical formulas relevant to this information. In any case all sensible precautions should be taken with regard to, food and water, cuts scratches etc, and also protection against insects. A lot of information on travel/tropical diseases is available from the Internet and also travel health clinics will tell you which diseases to be aware of in different regions. Take a mini Complete Harmony or Superfit Tree set if you have one, along with other health essentials such as re-hydration salts in the event of dehydration, diarrhoea and similar conditions and a mosquito net in areas known to have Malaria or Dengue Fever.

Tropical fruits have extraordinary healing powers as well as being delicious and nutritious. for example, Papaya, sometimes referred to as Paw- Paw is really useful if you have any gastric difficulties such as salmonella or gastroenteritis. The fruit, rich in vitamin C, is very easy to digest and is used as a digestive aid in the form of papain, the seeds help to rid parasites from the gut and the skin, although bitter, is very rich in bioflavonoids such as Rutin and Quersitin. These vitamins are anti-inflammatory so if you do get diarrhoea,  eating a small whole ripe papaya can be very helpful. Wash it carefully.
Always be careful when eating unwashed salad and fruits in areas where there is a high risk of cholera, hepatitis and salmonelly Typhi.

In an area where there are insects such as mosquitoes and midges, especially in countries where there is a high level of Dengue Fever or Malaria, it is absolutely vital that you take sensible precautions. Use insect repellent: the essential oil of Citronella is known to have wonderful mosquito repellent effects. Cover your ankles and wrists and shoulders, since these areas are often vulnerable to attack. Use a net at night. since Malaria and Dengue Fever are dangerous conditions and prevention is very much better than cure!

When taking the Formulas from Tropical Harmony it is not necessary to commence taking any of the pilules until you are on holiday unless you are having the relevant travel vaccinations before departure. In the event of having the vaccinations you should take 1 pillule of the related formula from the day of vaccination for 30 days. You will note that some formulas are advised to be taken daily, whilst others only in the event of symptoms developing or in high-risk situations.  Flower essences support the energy field and are a first line of defence, in all cases where you suspect that you have contracted a disease or illness or are developing unusual symptoms you are advised to seek medical advice.

The information on this website is provided for information purposes only and is not intended or recommended as a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your doctor/physician or other qualified health care provider regarding any medical condition or treatment. Some or all of the information on this page may be supplied by a third-party and not controlled by the DianaMossop.com website or authors and is therefore is not the responsibility of the DianaMossop.com website or its authors.