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Diana Mossop

Birthing Harmony by Diana Mossop

Published 14/01/2012 11:47:52

Safe and Natural childbirth

Birthing Harmony: Combinations of Flower Formulas especially formulated to assist you with a gentle, safe and natural birth.

Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas are safe, harmless and contain no chemicals, additives or preservatives.

Ingredients: Pure Sucrose coated with a combination of flower essences.

Phytobiophysics Birthing Harmony has been especially created to enable you to have a natural childbirth gently and safely. Each formula has been made from Flower Formulas which assist with the symptoms or circumstances stated on the label. Many people would acknowledge that a natural childbirth will help give your baby a healthy start to life.

Each pillule can be sucked or placed in water that can then be sipped throughout childbirth.


To be taken prior to the birth as a gentle preparation. This star Harmoniser helps you to prepare emotionally for the arrival of your baby. It is safe to continue to take this remedy after the birth and is valuable to help the momentous emotional changes which occur when you have a baby.


The first stage of childbirth is the longest and it begins at the onset of labour. To begin with contractions are mild and are about fifteen minutes apart. They gradually become stronger and more frequent. Towards the end of the first stage of labour the contractions occur every two to three minutes and become very strong. It is at this stage that the discomfort starts to become more severe.


Endorphins are produced by your body as a natural and vital part of childbirth. Your endorphins pass through the placenta into your baby to help ease the stress of childbirth. These pain hormones give your baby a vital start to healthy life. Introduce this Harmoniser together with contractions (FF3, FF12).


Transition usually occurs at the end of the first stage of labour and just before the second stage. The muscle systems often oppose each other since the second stage of labour is the time when you start to need to bear down in order to push your baby through the birth canal.


For the second stage of labour it is necessary to be in a comfortable position. By a combination of pushing with your abdominal muscles and the uterine contractions your baby’s head is slowly forced down the birth canal until it becomes visible at the opening of the vagina.


This moment of your baby’s birth is deeply spiritual and heralds the moment of physical separation from you. It is a very profound moment and if there are any complications centered around the umbilical cord there may be repercussions in both your and your baby’s spiritual well-being. This Harmoniser will help to harmonise this powerful moment.


After child birth, the mother is given an injection to promote a quick release of the placenta. This Harmoniser helps a natural healthy release of the placenta and also helps antidote the chemical that is used in the injection.


Changes in the breasts occur during pregnancy but secretion of milk occurs after the birth. The first fluid is referred to as colostrums and is richly supplied with vitamins and vital hormones and also antibodies which help to protect your baby from infection. This formula helps to enhance the flow of milk and assists with complications on an emotional level.


Many young mothers suffer with post-natal depression after the birth of thier baby. This Harmoniser is a valuable formula as it helps antidote the hydrochloride chemical in anaesthetic and also acts as a powerful, uplifting Harmoniser.

EPIDURAL Spiritual Ease (FF3)

This Formula ‘Spiritual Ease’ is invaluable when comfort is required.

Epidural Spinal Block is a frequently used procedure but it is difficult for the baby to eliminate and may have repercussions. One of the known side effects of Epidural listed in The British National Formulary is respiratory distress. This formula helps antidote epidural.

Phytobiophysics Birthing Harmonisers are non-medicinal and act to gently stabilise the natural flow of energy.

They offer a safe and effective first line of defence to enable you to have a natural child birth but they also assist you when medical intervention is advised for your safety.

At least 2000 healthy babies have been safely born with the assistance of Birthing Harmony.

Suck, chew or swallow the pillules throughout labour as required.

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