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"Despite the modern approach to health, every symptom has a cause and it is the cause that needs treating not the symptom."

Diana Mossop

Childhood Harmony: An Explanation by Diana Mossop

Published 12/01/2012 09:30:05

The Phytobiophysics® Childhood Harmony is a non-medical product formulated from the vibrational essences of plants, and is designed to help and support the immature and also compromised immune system in a non-invasive non-chemical and holistic manner. This principle is similar to that of the Homeopathic system of the use of nosode formulas for inoculation (In the case of homoeopathy this may be offered as an alternative to conventional vaccination)
The Phytobiophysics® Childhood Harmony has not been designed according to conventional wisdom to immunise via stimulation of  the secondary immune system and thus prevent the diseases from being  acquired, rather to boost the bodies resistance and remove predisposition to any disease, and therefore we accept no responsibility if any disease is acquired by a person using this product. It is important to note that one theory about the development of the Immune System requires it to be exposed to normal childhood illnesses in order to develop correctly and this in turn may prevent future episodes of chronic, degenerative and auto-immune diseases that seem to be ever more prevalent in society.
The Phytobiophysics® Childhood Harmony formulas have been vibrationally matched to support and rebalance the bacterial/viral frequencies introduced into the body via vaccination /disease or inherited taint, with the aim of helping the body to eliminate or mitigate the harmful side effects of those taints, by restoring harmony to the meridian system of the body.
The Phytobiophysics® Childhood Harmony rather than working against a particular bacteria or virus is designed to help the cells on the vibrational level affected by those taints. It is our profound belief that diseases do not arise without an existing predisposition to that disease and it is the absence of the predisposition to any particular disease that makes us immune to it.
The Phytobiophysics® Childhood Harmony is perfectly safe to use after vaccination and if your choice is not to vaccinate we would advise that you take the Phytobiophysics® Childhood Harmony in order to minimise predisposition to any named disease. Children and adults may also safely use the Childhood Harmony retrospectively for vaccines they have had in their life.
It is the opinion of The Institute of Phytobiophysics® that vaccination may be responsible or related to many health difficulties manifesting over the long term; this is based on our research conducted via EAV testing (Electro Acu Point testing according to Voll) and also the available medical research into vaccination trauma. However, it is not the position of the Institute of Phytobiophysics® to advise anyone not to vaccinate or be vaccinated. This decision, according to U.K law is a matter for personal choice and responsibility. Hence if your child is damaged by vaccines there is limited liability in the case of the pharmaceutical and medical profession and if you choose not to vaccinate the responsibility also lies with you alone.
In view of this important decision, we do advise that you find out as much as you can both from your GP and also websites, books, reference papers such as WDDTY  http://www.wddty.com/   and organisations such as Jabs   http://www.jabs.org.uk/

If in doubt you are advised to consult your GP, Natural Health care practitioner and contact us at The Institute of Phytobiophysics®.


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