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"Live Blood Analysis conclusively demonstrates immediate physiological responses to vibrational medicine."

Anthony Mossop

Diabetes by Diana Mossop

Published 30/11/2014 20:34:26



What is so tragic is that Type 1 Diabetes in children is becoming much more common, it used to be a rare condition.

Type 1 diabetes typically starts in childhood and requires treatment with insulin.

Type 2 diabetes, which has been classed as "adult-onset" diabetes, is now becoming much more common in children as well. It is also linked with the increase in childhood obesity -- a major risk factor for Diabetes – this is also becoming more common in teenagers as well.

Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms

The symptoms of type 1 diabetes often occur and develop over a short period of time

sudden frequent  urination

being very thirsty or drinking a lot

weight loss followed by weight gain

the urine becomes sticky and loses the yellow colour and takes on a strange odour of ammonia  

The chances that these symptoms indicate Diabetes increase if you add other symptoms, such as:

excessive  hunger 

unusual sudden weight loss often followed by weight gain

extreme fatigue, lethargy  and irritability

Eyesight disorders such as blurred vision

craving sugary foods


The classic symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes are

Weight loss which may be is an important indication of type 1 diabetes.

Also keep in mind that when children have frequent urination associated with diabetes, it is usually large amounts of urine each time. Children who urinate frequently, but only void a small amount each time, are more likely to have another cause instead of diabetes, especially if they don't have other diabetes symptoms.


Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Unfortunately, children with type 2 diabetes may have no symptoms at all, which can make early diagnosis difficult. However obesity is a very big indicator

Many type 2 diabetes symptoms are actually late symptoms of the condition, which develop gradually, after many years of having diabetes. These signs and symptoms can include:

Type 1 diabetes symptoms may include  frequent urination, increased thirst, weight loss, and extreme hunger, etc.

Obesity caused by fluid retention

Frequent infections such as  fever, cough, vomiting, or sore throat, flu, strep throat, or a stomach virus

Slow healing of  cuts and bruises due to blood platelet disorders [Thrombocytopenia] 

Poor eyesight , blurred vision and headaches

Fatigue and lethargy

Pins and needles and numbness or tingling in the hands and feet

Infections in Children

Children with type 1 diabetes also may have symptoms of an infection, as it is often an infection that triggers the diagnosis. Unfortunately certain flu vaccines are known to trigger lowered immunity and sudden onset of Diabetes.

Unfortunately statistics of Diabetes have increased rapidly over the last few years.


Adult Diabetes is often linked with a predisposition with onset in children which has not been diagnosed but is triggered by shock 

Your emotions and your heart

Phytobiophysics Philosophy

Our Phytobiophysics philosophy bases its theory on the understanding that different health conditions occur or are triggered, under the influence of emotional and spiritual tragedies and shock.  The pancreas is linked to the future and children, the connection being the spiritual umbilical cord.

The umbilical cord is severed on four levels throughout life: Physically at birth when the umbilical cord is severed with a knife; Mentally the umbilical is severed when children start to become independent and grow up to become children of the world; Emotionally when children start to have their own lives, marriages and children of their own: Spiritually when a child dies or departs or is lost to one.  Void or absence of a baby, child or children or being separated from parents or being orphaned at a very early age

The Mossop Heart Lock Theory places the pancreas as the physical organ of the soul and when a person suffers a tragedy especially of loss of a child the pancreas will suffer.

The yellow Phytobiophysics Flower Formula for the support of the pancreas meridian is called FF15 Yellow Foxglove the code name is “Sugarbal”.

Emotional Level: Yellow Foxglove is especially valuable for natal care. The cutting of the umbilical cord is a profound change and can have serious repercussions in later life especially if trauma is experienced at this time. 

Delaying cutting the umbilical cord for more than three minutes 'is better for a baby's health'

Cutting the cord immediately after birth puts baby at risk of iron deficiency

Leaving the cord attached for a few minutes allows blood containing valuable life enriching stem levels to transfer to baby

World Health Organisation now recommends cord clamping between one and three minutes after birth

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The spiritual umbilical cord is very powerful and is the connection between Father and Child. Furthermore whenever there are relationship problems between mother and child in later life, this will often manifest as low self-esteem and eating disorders. Yellow Foxglove promotes balance and harmony. Yellow Foxglove helps to negate self-punishment, low self-esteem and helps to improve self- image and helps to balance emotional disturbances as a result of Birth Trauma. This could be as a result of a bad start to life or as a result of adoption.

Spiritual Level: Severing the physical connection between Mother and child or death or severing the relationship between Father and child. Spiritual tauma as a result of traumatic birth.

FF15 Yellow Foxglove is valuable for re-birthing therapy. The spiritual Umbilical cord is the connection that we have with our children, our future, and the future of our planet. The infinite link with what is to be and what is to come. If we experience the death of a child the umbilical cord is severed on a deeply profound level and may have serious repercussions in the health of our pancreatic function.

Pancreas energy is linked with the lost children, unborn children, void of children, the children for whom we crave, abortion, miscarriage, or death of a child. Or for some people who never have children or even the opportunity to have children, the associated sadness will often re-percuss in the pancreas, the physical organ of the soul.  Conversely children who grow up with complex relationships with their parents often lose their self-esteem and may comfort eat whilst some children who feel negated often stop eating. Children who are abused will certainly manifest their trauma in eating disharmony whilst children who have been orphaned, grief struck particularly as a result of parental divorce  [ie loss of a parent ] or adoption, often experience pancreatic imbalance.

I had an interesting experience when I was presenting the Formulas at a trade show in German.  A senior and well-presented gentleman was showing a great interest in the formulas. Eventually he came to ask what the formulas were for and so my German practitioner asked him to choose a Formula. He chose Flower Formula 15 Yellow Foxglove ‘Sugar bal’ . He asked what it was for and we gave him the Flower Formula  booklet description of FF15 to read. We noticed that he had tears rolling down his cheeks. He explained that he suffered with Diabetes, diagnosed shortly after his only son was killed in a car crash. He told us that he had been adopted as a boy and never knew who his parents were.  He purchased a bottle of FF15 and the following morning came back to our stand to tell us that his blood sugars were normal for the first time since his onset. He asked “I am a medical doctor. I do not understand how a sugar ball can immediately stabilise my diabetes.” We explained that the formula opens up the soul to release the trauma that is the underlying cause of the condition. He understood this He told us that he was a disappointed man with no future. He had been a doctor all his life and he had never understood that health deterioration was linked to spiritual and emotional tragedies. He asked us if he could study the Philosophy, he was a retired medical doctor and latterly became one of our leading practitioners and until he passed away a few years ago, helped many people.

On another occasion a girl of about 25yrs old came to the clinic clutching her stomach and complaining of excruciating pains. She needed Flower Formula 15 and I gave her one to try, immediately she let out a primeval howl  “my God, my god, I have killed my baby” she was in such anguish but shortly afterwards was embarrassed and  said. “well how stupid, I do not know what that was all about.”  I asked her if she would like to discuss her anguish and rather angrily she said I had an abortion a few years ago but it is all over now.  But it wasn’t! even though she had pushed this experience into the back of her mind, the recent birth of her sister’s baby had caused the hidden pain to resurface as a physical pain in her pancreas.  


Recently an article published by Harvard University linked emotional trauma with heart disorders and this is a quote “ You might be surprised to learn that how you feel emotionally can have a big effect on your heart health. In fact, the relationship between depression and heart disease is a two-way street. Not only does depression appear to promote heart disease, but it can also result from a heart attack. And depression can sap your motivation, make it hard to concentrate, and leave you feeling hopeless —

Depression is also an important consideration for people with heart failure. For people with heart failure who are also depressed, symptoms are likely to worsen more quickly. One study demonstrated that the rate of death and hospitalizations among depressed individuals with heart failure is much higher than in those who don't show signs of depression. And, while depression is more common in women with heart failure, it appears that depression tends to be more severe in men with heart failure.”

of course fundamentally diabetes is a condition of hyperglycaemia. and there is a need to support negative Sugar Habits and sugar craving

Here is some useful guidance:

Eat regular meals  missing meals and particularl breaksfast is not as ensible wa to support balanced energy fields

Eat unprocessed natural foods which are free of preservatives and additives

Do not add sugar to food

Do not eat processed low fat foods as they are often high in sugar but low in essential fatt acids

Juicing fruit removes the fibre and increases the sugar levels. Eat whole fruit

Have plenty of fresh air and exercise

lead a bus active life and fill your life with fun and interest

go to bed early and sleep well

ensure that you have plenty of Chromium in your diet

Do not eat junk food and micro waved food.

support with Phytobiophysics Formulas FF4 Thistle ‘Tranquillity’ and FF15 yellow Foxglove ‘Sugarbal’ and  yellow Tree Formula SF6 yew Digest available from www.mossopnaturalremedies.com

Pharma Nord have recently researched on of the most advanced Chromium Supplemnts which have been proven to control blood sugars 10X more effectively than any other chromium supplement  it is called Bio Chromium

It is proven to maintain normal blood sugar levels

reduce cravings for sweet snacks and junk food

supports dieting and helps with weight control

helps convert fats and carbs into energy.

Pharma Nord Bio Energy available from www.mossopnaturalremedies.com   



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