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"Viruses are emotional opportunists!"

Diana Mossop

Thrush by Diana Mossop

Published 21/12/2012 07:38:44

Thrush is a very common infection that is caused by yeast sometimes referred to as Candida Albicans.  [Although yeast infections and Candida Albicans show up in the live blood analysis in a different way.]  Then of course there is an extremely serious condition called mycoplasma and another referred as lichen planus.

 Normally, Candida organisms live harmlessly in the digestive tract and in most women it also resides in the vagina. Candida albicans  usually coexists quite happily with other normal organisms in your body, and is kept in check by your immune system and also by the good bacteria (which you have probably heard about from adverts for pro-biotic drinks and supplements such as acidophilous). In point of fact candida plays a very important role in the digestion and the energy; anabolism and catabolism. And a healthy digestive system much like a healthy vagina will create stability. The pH levels in a healthy vagina also play a part in stopping the yeast from causing a problem.

As with the rest of your body, though, it doesn't take much for the finely tuned systems to get out of balance. If the conditions in your vagina start to make it favourable for Candida to start multiplying, it may start to overgrow as soon as the opportunity arises. That's why most women will probably experience at least one attack of thrush in their lifetime, and some women suffer from thrush on more than one occasion. It can be very uncomfortable and lead to serious painful intercourse which is very off putting as well as a sore itchy white discharge which can become infected. .

The skin is very complex and can be affected by yeasts, bacteria, parasites, mites and many aggravating microscopic entities that can irritate the skin.

Skin is fascinating as we have both internal and external skin and infections can manifest in both areas. Often problems on the external skin are a reflection of a deeper issue hence for example yeast infections and myco plasma may affect the lining of the lungs causing pneumonia and asthma like symptoms whilst the same condition may manifest on the skin as eczema and in the small intestines as irritable bowel.    The internal skin makes up the walls of the lungs and small intestines , the digestive tract starting in the mouth, the nasal passages, the ears and of course the urethra and ureter and vagina as well. The outside skin covers the whole body and in point of fact is the largest organ of the body which is multi functional. Since the skin is the buffer between our internal and external environment it should come as no surprise that our skin is often the first part of our body to manifest discomfort and infectious conditions.

Symptoms of Thrush/ yeast/candida Albicans:

Emotional depressed


Fuggy and muzzy in the head


Dry mouth

Whole system seems dry

Dryness in the vaginal area and for men the tip of the penis becomes very sore

Aches and pains

Asthma / breathing difficulties

Indigestion IBS



In fact the list is really endless it just goes on and on but suffice to say that this condition makes you feel miserable

So what causes this condition?

Unfortunately antibiotics are known to cause thrush and are the most common cause but also lowered immunity, emotional crisis, excessive stress and anxiety and bad dentistry. Bad hygiene, Poor diet and too much sugar in the diet,  


Useful dietary supplementation

Juniper herbs



CoE Q10

Omega 7 Buckthorn

Vit D

Flower Formula 7  Orchid and Tree Formula SF4 Imun * T

Eat regular meals with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and  avoid sugar and acidic food

 have plenty of fresh air a and exercise,

Laughter and fun and relaxation

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