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"The osteopathic paradigm is that , “Structure governs function”! However, I believe that emotions impact on function therefore they must also interfere with structure."

Anthony Mossop

Animals and Phytobiophysics by Diana Mossop

Published 12/12/2012 05:28:42


If you have ever had a dog or a cat, or any animal for that matter, you will immediately agree with me that they become an intensely important part of your life and your family. You love them and they love you back. They are so forgiving, you might leave them on their own for a while and they never get cross with you, no they just welcome you with such joy when you return.

They are part of the family no matter how big or how small. My first pet, when I was a child of 10yrs old, was a tortoise called Torty and I absolutely adored him. He lived with us for about five years and then one sunny spring day he went off for a walk and I lost him. I was totally mortified.  Even thinking about Torty now fills me such sweet memories.  You may imagine that tortoises are not affectionate but you would be wrong.

I have now bonded with my son’s dog called Flora,  a beautiful springer, She bonded with me as well although just like the grandchildren she knows that I am her granny and not her mistress. Even so I love her so much and every time I ‘dog sit’ her she just loves being with me. I have had other dogs before Flora that I loved unconditionally particularly my two Labradors, Sona and Gilbert.  Gilbert was my spiritual dog and I still feel sad when I think of him even though he passed away about twenty years ago.

I had two little cats as well and I just adored them, they were my little friends and when they both died, one after the other at around 22yrs old I was broken hearted. I know many people who feel exactly as I do about animals and care for them in much the same way as they would a child.

 Nowadays many wonderful young people who have not married or had children feel that they can share their love with an animal.  They never let you down like people do!!

It is vital that we take care of our beloved animals and I believe that drugs are not the answer. Our Phytobiophysics formulas are remarkably effective to support animals in much the same way as they support babies and little children. In fact we have many extraordinary case histories for animals who have recovered from harrowing situations when taking the Flower and tree formulas. Many people’s lives are made special by the unconditional love of an animal so it is vital that we can take care of them properly

I have spent many years researching formulas to support people in certain circumstances and our vaccine support programme for children is very important [Childhood Harmony] so it should come as no surprise that I have also researched special formulas for animals.

All our flower and tree formulas are supportive of animals and they respond extremely quickly to vibrational medicine. The irony is that you can treat horses, elephants even and little tiny hamsters with the same formulas!

Feline Support consists of 5 formulas for little kittens undergoing the vaccine programme, made up of flower essences that are specifically formulated to give cats and kittens an immune boost at this time.

Likewise, our Canine Support and Equine Support packs have been created with exactly the same purpose in mind.

It is interesting that many vets are suspicious of high levels of animal vaccines. For example there were a whole group of vets in the Uk who wrote a letter to the vetinary times speaking against vetinary shots because of the fears that they were increasing  the risk of reactions and disease. Flora is not vaccinated and is so buoyant, I did not vaccinate my cats either and my cats were beautiful and lived very long and healthy lives. Actually Miss Moppet was mad and really rather dotty and neurotic but Baby, my favourite, who was the most beautiful black panther of a cat was just amazing. She was quite wild and spent a lot of time out in the fields catching mice. She smelt of camomile.  [Luckily she did not like birds which I am always thankful for.] However the moment I walked through the door she was there, soft and adorable and absolutely loyal. My devastating heart break was when she was about 20 yrs old she got hit by a car. She managed to crawl into the house and I took her to the vet who said, we have to put her down!!  I took her home and put her on SF9 Structure for pain and SF10 Inj*Ry for Injury and slowly but surely she made a spectacular recovery and had two more years of wonderful life.

I know so many people who would give  ‘their all’ to their animals but sadly there are also people who do not care for them at all and can be really cruel and neglectful. 

The bedrock of the Mossop Philosophy is ‘care for all creatures no matter how great or how small ‘

This is a heartfelt plea from a one of my patients who has recently lost one of his dogs.

'I am heartbroken –I have just lost my dear friend Cody. They say a dog is a man’s best friend and you can certainly put a ring around that. It seems that only an animal can give unconditional love and the more they give their love the more they need your love in return. Cody was so dependent on me and likewise I was really dependent on him as well. I felt that there was an unbreakable bond and I was deeply moved by a wonderful film starring Richard Gere about his dog, who waited at the station for him every day for the rest of his life after his master’s death.

My wife and I, for the last fourteen years, have enjoyed the love of two very different dogs; a King Charles - Cody and Guinness a black Labrador. They were devoted to each other but it was Cody who was the boss and they were never out of each other’s sight for a minute and when you made a fuss of one the other would barge in between you in a very jealous manner. The house was always alive with their presence whether lying in front of the Aga or an open fire but each would defend their own territory to the end.

In the last year of Cody’s life he lost an eye due to infection caused by the constant bashing in the face he received from Guinness’s over active tail wagging. It didn’t seem to bother him,  life still went on in the same old way. When Cody was finally put to sleep it is difficult to explain the effect of losing a little dog who has been part of your life for so long, never a cross word never a bad temper. We are all suffering this great loss albeit from such a small being who has brought such us happiness. My wife is very depressed and Guinness is clinging to her every minute of the day.

I would be so grateful if you could advise some remedies to help us and also Guinness as well at this difficult time.

The most appropriate formulas to support this family including their dog Guinness,  are Flower Formulas FF2 White Rose for emotional recovery

FF11 Hawthorn ‘Heartache’ for grief, FF15 Yellow Foxglove ‘Sugarbal’ for the cutting of the umbilical cord and for loss.

Tree formula SF10 Silver Birch /ponderosa Pine for the spiritual injury of sadness. Each formula should be taken three times daily to support the emotional level.

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